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Apr 13, 2018

[JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea] Revision Double Eyelids Surgery (re operation)

1. Why the most popular plastic surgery procedure is “Double Eyelids Surgery” aka “DES”

The most common procedure in Korea is blepharoplasty,or double eyelid surgery. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it's the most popular plastic surgery operation in the world, with 1.43 million people getting it done in 2014. It's so prevalent that a former Korean president had the operation while he was in office. Blepharoplasty is also controversial. Critics say that the operation makes patients look "less Asian," while proponents say that it's simply a matter of beauty — bigger eyes equals more attractiveness, essentially.
"Most Koreans don't have a double eyelid line, so in that case, sometimes they look sleepy and tired, the director of JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea sees 11,000 patients a year.

2. Types of Double Eyelids Surgery and which procedures suits me the most

 01. Non-incision method (Buried Suture)
Double eyelid surgery methods consist of incision method, non-incision method (buried suture), and partial incision.
The surgery method is selected by the type of your eyelid, thickness of eyelid skin, fat volume under the eye skin, and strength of eye opening muscle, and others, during the consultation with your doctor.

Non-incision method (Buried suture) is recommended for:

  • 01- Those who have thin eyelids Those who have a low volume of fat in the area of eyelids
  • 02- Those who want to have natural-looking eyes
  • 03- Those whose skin around their eyes is sufficiently elastic
  • 04- Those who doesn’t want the incision method

02. Incision method

Incision method cuts the double eyelid line to remove a certain amount of tissue, including skin, muscle, fat and connective tissues, then stitches the dermis layer under the line with fascia and tarsal plate, allowing the two tissues to adhere to one another by scar tissue. In this way, the double eyelid line is accurate and clear.
The incision method makes your double eyelid last long but swelling after the operation can last longer in comparison and it takes a longer time to make your double eyelid to appear naturally.
Incision method is applicable to:
  • 01. Those whose double eyelids are thick and have high fat volume
  • 02. Those who want to have a distinctive eye shape
  • 03. Those whose skin is sagging
  • 04. Those who want to have big eyes and long-lasting double eyelids

03. Partial Incision method

You can have both natural looking eyes through the non-incision method (buried suture) method and distinctive eye shapes through the incision method.
Partial incision has strengths of both non-incision method (buried suture) and incision method. The partial incision creates a 10mm crease in the middle of the fold by the incision method, and the creases of both sides are shaped by buried suture. After the shape of double eyelid fold is created then the fold is stitched. Through the partial incision method, not only the double eyelid fold can last longer than the ones made by other methods but also leaving no scar remains, fat around eyelid can be removed, and swelling is relieved quickly. However, this method can’t be applied to those who have sagging eyelids.

3. Is Double Eyelids Surgery easy?

People may think Double eyelids surgery is the most simple and easy surgery which it is not true!
Many of patients think it is simple procedure that incise the skin and suture nicely but the fact is that it really depends on surgeon’s technique and your condition. Plastic surgeon will have to check your thickness of skin, volume of fat, skin, remaining skin, etc., after checking all these options, then surgeon’s skill comes. Also main concerns / bone structure /point of beauty are different from all over the country, so it will be needed of your research to check surgeons who have more experienced in many races such as American-African, Westerner, and Asians.

4. Before and After pictures of surgery who needed to be done Revision Double Eyelids Surgery.

Muscle Correction (ptosis correction) with Double Eyelids Crease control

Above 3 patients had double eyelids surgery or Ptosis Correction from other clinics which it needed to be perform of revision double eyelids surgery, because their creases were too high due to adhesion or too high creases which it got controlled by "JW"

5. How to correct or solve previous double eyelids operation properly and Key Point for "revision double eyelids"

In order to create beautiful and natural-looking double eyelids, eye surgery should be conducted in consideration of the height and depth of double eyelids, the volume of eyelids, adhesion, and the strength of ocular muscles. If such components are not harmonized, the results of the operation may be unsatisfactory or the eye shape may look awkward on the patient’s face. In this case, a reoperation may be required.

01. Height

As each individual has different eye shapes and skin conditions, it is important to find the most natural and optimal height of double eyelids for you. Thick double eyelids make you look edgy from a long distance, but make you appear vacant from a close distance. On the contrary, thin double eyelids look natural from a long distance, but make you look fierce from a close distance. Therefore, it is important to find the most optimal height of double eyelids in order to prevent such gap.

02. Depth

The depth of double eyelids is determined by the direction of the front and rear parts of the eyelids and their length. Even though the height of double eyelids is the same, the eye shape changed depending on the depth of double eyelids. Thin double eyelids may easily disappear and deep double eyelids look unnatural.

 03. Strength
Accounting for 80% of revision eye surgery, the strength of ocular muscles is one of the most important elements. Most people’s faces are asymmetric and have a different strength of ocular muscles. An operation should be conducted, that considers the strength balance of the ocular muscles of both eyes.

 04. Adhesion
If too much skin tissue was removed during double eyelid surgery, it may cause excessive adhesion and hollows under the double eyelids. In this case, the eye shape is unnatural. In the opposite case, it may case triple folds.

05. Volume
If the eyelids are too thick, the upper eyelids may cover the double eyelids and the double eyelids may look extremely thin or not be visible at all. In the opposite case, the double eyelids may be overly exposed and look awkward and unnatural, which may require a re-operation.

6. How to Choose Right plastic surgery clinic and plastic surgery specialists among so many plastic surgery clinics in Seoul, South Korea

Please Click to See more details of finding proper surgeons.

Before eyelids surgery picture
 2 days after eyelids surgery picture
 3 days after eyelids surgery picture
 5 days after eyelids surgery picture
                            6 days after eyelids surgery picture

Apr 8, 2018

[JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea] Flat nose tip correction (Flat nose tip plasty)

What is Flat nose tip correction (Flat nose tip plasty)?

1.     What is “Ideal tip of nose”?

With regard to an ideal tip of nose, it is recommended for the line to be naturally connected from the glabellar area to the end of nose but in a somewhat round shape on frontal view. In this case, nostrils should not show in excess and alar rims at both sides need to be in gentle sea gull shape. In lateral view, it is ideal that alar rims should not be retracted or hanging so that it properly matches the nasal columella without the length exposed in 2~4mm. Proper nasolabial angle is 90~95 degree. And it is recommended that the height of nose occupies 50~60% of the nasal length. At the base, it is ideal to keep not too broad a nasal base, gentle triangular nose, not excessively exaggerated infratip lobule, and nostrils in dear drop shape. It is not desirable to emphasize the projection of nasal tip resulting in an upturned nose or the nasal tip is being projected too much not properly matching the length or size of nose, or the whole face.

Generally speaking, the shape of nose with its tip slightly lifted looks more beautiful than the nose with its tip drooped or flat nose. Therefore, nasal tip plasty is performed for tip projection, tip rotation, or blunt tip correction.

3. Materials forJW’s Tip plasty

1) Ear Cartilage

2) Septal Nasal Cartilage

3) Rib Cartilage

JW’s Low Nose Tip correction:

Our surgeon will give a recommendation of procedures regarding to your Skin Thickness, Size of Cartilage, Nose tip appearance, and how you wish to be like will change the method of performing surgery.

JW’s Low Nose Tip Correction operation methods:

1) Columella Strut Graft

2) Shield Graft

3Alar cartilage gathering

4) Septal Cartilage Extension Graft

5Derotation Graft with Ear Cartilage

6) Hybrid Septal Cartilage Graft with Ear Cartilage

What is advantage of JW Plastic Surgery Clinic’s low nose tip correction?

1) Longer lasting without having nose tip sagging
2) Defined Nose Tip
3) Soft Nose Tip
4) 100% customized nose tip which it is most suitable with your face.

Flat nose tip correction’s (Flat nose tip plasty) operation time and what kind of anesthesia will be done:

Operation time: 1hour to 2hours depending on the procedures.

Anesthesia for Flat nose tip correction (Flat nose tip plasty):

1) Sedation (sleeping anesthesia) and Local anesthesia will be done at the same time.

*In the case it has to be done by using rib cartilage it will have to be performed by General anesthesia due to harvesting rib cartilage.

Before and After Pictures of JW's Tip plasty for flat nose tip.

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Mar 28, 2018

[JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea] Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon Dr. Chul Hwan, Seul got awarded by BellaGel

Most of women’s longing for beautiful breasts

What are standards for beautiful breasts?

Ideal average standards are:
JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea surgeons perform breast augmentation with most suitable for body type considering the different physical characteristics of each individually.

Golden Ratio For Beautiful Breast

The most ideal breast is when the length of A,B,C is equilateral triangle (18cm ~ 22cm)
Nipple: Areola : Breast Diameter Ratio = 1:3:9

JW’s Beautiful breasts creating methods:

Breast implants VS Fat injection (Harvest Jet 2) 


Combination breast augmentation

  • Most likely there are 2 types of operation methods for breast augmentation, which it is Breast implants augmentation and fat injection to your breast (Harvest Jet 2), but “JW Plastic Surgery Clinic” made “Combination Breast Augmentation” which it only collected strengths from Breast implant augmentation and fat injection.
  • Combination breast augmentation is insert breast implants, and then we inject the harvested fat at the same time to fulfill the satisfaction of feeling and sizes.
  • If the patient decides to have breast augmentation by using of breast implants, we use HD endoscope to make spaces in breasts to insert breast implants.
  • “JW Plastic Surgery Clinic” uses “Harvest Jet 2” machine for harvesting fat tissue which it will be injected to patient’s breast to raise the rate of persistency and survival rates of fat tissues. Also PRP or Stem cell could be added.

Advantage of JW’s Breast Augmentation

1)      Asepsis -> Prevent contracture in advance ( Keller Funnel / 3M Ioban)

“The reason why JW’s Keller Funnel 2 is a must!”

1. It is aseptic disposable product without any possibility of contamination.
2. Reduces tissue damage and bleeding through soft and easy insertion.
3. Minimal pain and low possibility of side effects.
4. The implant does not rotate during the insertion.
5. It is possible to insert any areas such as armpit, areola or under the breast incision, and shortens surgical time.

 Using of Full HD Endoscope for Breast Augmentation -> 

Exquisite dissection / Minimized bleeding / Minimized pain / Minimized Scar / Rapid Recovery

JW Plastic Surgery Clinic has performed endoscopic breast augmentation since it first came out. Furthermore, we have played a pioneering role in dissemination of the endoscopic method through numerous academic activities in Korea.

Safe Anesthesia: Possession of Dantrolen

Types of Implants:

Smooth implants / Micro textured implants / Textured implants

Smooth Type:

This breast implant is most commonly used and the surface is soft and smooth. It is suitable for people with thin skin and less breast tissue. The breast implant is able to move around the breast freely after the surgery and does not stick with surrounding tissue so that the shape is natural. To prevent hardening after breast enlargement surgery, massaging the breast implant is recommended for more satisfying results.

Textured Teardrop Type:

The tear drop shaped breast implant has properties similar to the textured type, and allows the breasts and nipples to be slightly raised to accentuate the breast shape and line. Teardrop shaped breast implants may change the shape of the breasts after a “boob job” before it settles so only texture is used.

Bellagel have acquired approval from Europe’s CE and Korea’s MFDS with a product that comes in three different shapes (Round, Anatomical, Conical) and 2 different textures (Smooth, Textured)

GelCohesive Gel95% of the gel used in Bellagelis a cohesive gel registered under the US FDA.Cohesive gel has a high level of cohesion and does not slide down

Director of JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea’s Dr. Chul Hwan, Seul had participated in developing of size standards and designs of implants based on his much experiences in Breast augmentation.

The most Breast Augmentation by using Bellagel implants.

Invited to many seminars regarding to Breast Augmentation by using of Bellagel implants

Before and After pictures by using BellaGel implants.

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Mar 12, 2018

[JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea] Denmark Journalist seek expert advice about Plastic Surgery to Dr. Chul Hwan Seul from "JW"

Journalist from Denmark came to Seoul, South Korea to seek expert advice about Plastic Surgery to Dr. Chul Hwan Seul from Best plastic surgery clinic in Korea "JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea"

Dr. Chul Hwan, Seul is one of the best breast surgery specialist and body contour (liposuction) specialist in Korea.

Biography Introduction

  • Plastic surgery specialist
  • Graduated Yonsei University College of Medicine
  • Completed graduate program at Yonsei University College of Medicine
  • Completed training in plastic surgery at Yonsei Severance Hospital
  • Clinical professor at Gangnam Severance Hospital
  • Received PhD from Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery,

Social activities

  • A life member and Academician, The Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
  • A member, Japan Society for aesthetic plastic surgery
  • A member, Oriental Socieity of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(OSAPS),
  • A member, Korean Society for aesthetic plastic surgery

Listen: Thoughts on plastic surgery in South Korea

This podcast is about plastic surgery in South Korea. South Korean Hanbi Kim shares her experience with plastic surgery and why she chose to change her nose. Doctor Chul Hwan Seul and employee Jay Han from JW Plastic Surgery Clinic talk about patients’ motivation for getting plastic surgery done, and offer their thoughts on the plastic surgery market.

    Hanbi Kim, which English name is Robin, got plastic surgery when she was 20-years old. Privat photo.

During my stay in Seoul, South Korea, I realized that beauty is an important factor in the South Korean society. The term “Korean beauty” is becoming well known, Korean beauty products are gaining popularity in other parts of the world, and South Korea has in the recent years become famous for their many plastic surgery clinics.

This podcast is about plastic surgery in South Korea. South Korean Hanbi Kim, whose English name is Robin, met me in a rented study room in Gangnam to talk about her experience and thoughts on plastic surgery. For Robin, getting a “nose job” three years ago, when she was 20 years old, wasn’t a serious decision. Robin explains “I was generally fine with my face (…), but if you could fix one thing, I said it would be the tip of my nose, because it was kind of pointing downward instead of upward”. Even though she encourages others to stay happy with their natural look, for Robin beauty is an important factor related to getting a job. A constellation, Robin says, that the South Korean society needs to work on; accepting people for who they are. After ending the interview with Robin, we continued our conversation over dinner. Here, Robin and her friend explained that talking about plastic surgery among friends, is like talking about purses: giving each other advice on where to get plastic surgery and exchanging experiences. Also Robin explains that getting plastic surgery is a quite normal graduation gift among her circle of friends.

In this podcast, Doctor Chul Hwan Seul and employee Jay Han from JW Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul explain why clients are getting plastic surgery done and how the plastic surgery market is increasing. According to Doctor Chul Hwan Seul, plastic surgery clients explain that they wish to look more beautiful, look more like celebrities, or their husbands wish to have a more beautiful wife. He continues explaining that it is mostly women who get plastic surgery, but this does not mean it is not popular for men as well. Furthermore Doctor Chul Hwan Seul explains that the clinic has also seen an increase in the number of foreigners coming to South Korea to have plastic surgery.

The expansion of plastic surgery in South Korea has also been discussed among scholars. According to the text “The Beauty Complex and the Cosmetic Surgery Industry” (2004) by Professor Woo Keong Ja, the expansion of plastic surgery in South Korea is a consequence of patriarchal ideology and consumptive capitalism. In the text she says “In order to achieve higher and more profitable positions in the labour market, women have no choices but to adjust their bodies to the standard concept of femininity. This is where cosmetic surgery enters the picture” ( p. 58). Professor Woo Keong Ja states that patriarchal ideology influences womens lives in such a way that their values lie in their physical appearance. Furthermore, she points out that womens cosmetic surgery issue is caused by society, plastic surgery being an readily available solution to honor expectations to womens appearance created by patriarchal ideals.

It can be discussed, whether beauty has become a capital in the Korean society. In the podcast Robin explains that in order to get a job beauty is imperative. Furthermore through Doctor Chul Hwan Seuls knowledge on plastic surgery clients, we hear about cases where women get plastic surgery because of their spouses’ desire for their wife to be more attractive. Both explanations are consistent with “The Beauty Complex and the Cosmetic Surgery Industry”, coming to the conclusion that plastic surgery is a consequence of beauty as a social construction.

    Text and interview by Ann-Sophie Møller. Sound by Simon Minke.
    Dr. Chul Hwan Seul from JW Plastic Surgery

Mar 7, 2018

[News] Frequented by K-pop stars and Korean Entertainers, JW Plastic Surgery Center Unveils the result of its survey on client's satisfaction

Source: http://www.asiaone.com/business/frequented-by-kpop-stars-and-korean-entertainers-jw-plastic-surgery-center-unveils-the

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/frequented-k-pop-stars-korean-140000004.html

Source: https://www.bizjournals.com/losangeles/prnewswire/press_releases/Georgia/2018/03/01/CN21990?ana=prnews

Source: http://investor.wallstreetselect.com/wss/news/read/35871954

Recently, JW Plastic Surgery Center reports the result of its survey on client satifaction in 2017. Based on 'Patient Satisfaction Survey 2017' conducted by the JW Research team, 93 among the 100 patients who took the survey responded that their self-confidence level hugely improved after the surgery, compared to that before the surgery. One patient that participated in the survey said, "The results are well worth the expense and I feel I just find something valuable for myself with high self-satisfaction." South Korea is regarded as the Mecca of cosmetic surgery, and there are many plastic surgery clinics. Without a single accident happened, JW has survived in the past 18 years in one spot among more than 400 plastic surgery clinics in Apgujeong area -- the center of plastic surgery in Gangnam, Seoul.
JW Plastic Surgery Center has won recognition and received awards from numerous organizations such as the Korea Tourism Organization, Gangnam Medical Tour, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Medical Korea throughout its 18-year service since 1999. JW Plastic Surgery Center has seven board-certified plastic surgeons, each specializing in a particular field with more than 18 years of clinical experience. Due to the surgery skills and their services, the surgeons are well-known to K-pop stars and celebrities. They come to JW for plastic surgery, skin treatments, and facial improvements. Foreign doctors from United States of America, Thailand, Singapore, etc., attended JW's training program to receive its highly sought certification. As the center of Korea's medical tourism, JW received an enormous amount of international media attention such as BBC and TF1 news to report its success. Many patients from overseas come all the way to JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea to enhance their beauty or to fix their problems from their previous plastic surgery performed by other surgeons.
Ever since the country's Ministry of Health has allowed local clinics to treat foreign patients, it is estimated that thousands of people from around the world travel to Korea every year to get plastic surgery. To cater to the needs of foreign patients, JW has in-house translator services which can help foreign patients in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, and Thai. Patients can also meet friendly staffs, even doctors can kindly explain how they can help or improve patients' looks with very professional and impressive skills. Han, who is a global marketing manager in JW said, "If there is someone who can look after you during the whole surgery time and speak your language, you will feel much comfortable and less nervous. That is why JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea has in-house translator services to provide the most comfortable medical care."
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