Sep 15, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Improving of forehead wrinkles!!

Nowadays there are so many people with forehead wrinkles.

Causes of forehead wrinkles are:

1. Weaken of eye opening muscles "levator muscles".

2. Due to process of aging

Today we are going to talk about how to improve your forehead wrinkles caused by aging process.
If you excessively and repeadly use your forehead muscles, then deep wrinkles are created on your forehead. Those who have deep forehead wrinkles look older than their actual ages. Plus, if you have slanted eyebrows, you may look depressed.

The "Endoscopic forehead lift" is used to elevate the position of the eyebrows and forehead. Indications for this procedure are multiple, and it is performed to correct brow ptosis and treat the glabellar frown lines created by the corrugator and procerus muscles. Various factors, including natural aging, facial nerve injury, and facial trauma can cause brow ptosis, although congenital or hereditary factors also may cause the condition.

Endoscopic Forehead / Brow lifting procedures are recommended to:


1. Those who have lots of wrinkles on their forehead and have sagging eyelids and eyebrows.

2. Those who have a depressed or angry facial impression due to slit eyebrows

3. Those who want to remove forehead wrinkels and deep glabella frown lines

4. Those who want to reshape their prominent forehead and remove forehead wrinkles all at one time.

5. Those who are sick of repeated Botox treatments.

What is Endotine?


1. The device's unique design provides multiple points of contact with the suspended tissue, distributing tension over a wide area to maximize fixation strength.

2. Available with tines 3.0mm in length for patients with below-average scalp thickness or 3.5mm in length for patients with average to thick scalps where more secure fixation is desired.

Incision sites are:

There are total of 5 points of incision sites within 5mm~1cm per each incision and it will be hidden inside of your hairlines.Which it means other people can not discover the scar.

Here are to good before and after photo of Endo forehead lifting:

(As you can see there are so much fine wrinkles on her forehead which it got improved by performing of JW Plastic Surgery Center surgeon's Endo forehead lifting by using of endoscope.)


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Aug 18, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Song Ji Hyo (Korean Celebrity) is going to Jakarta on September 4~5th to attend Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo

Jay from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea is going to Jakarta to attend exhibitions on September 2~5th.


First exhibition "K-Contents Expo 2017 Jakarta" will be on September 2~3rd at JI Expo

There will be Korean Plastic Surgery Free consultation session, also "KBS Music Bank" will be held on that day as well. EXO, 박보검(Bo Gum, Park), and Red Velvet will be on the stage so do not miss these chances to see the Korean celebrity and FREE CONSULTATION:)

박보검 (Park Bo Gum)
엑소 (EXO)


Second exhibition "Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo" will be on

Setember 4~5th at Grand Sheraton Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia

Ji Hyo, Song (송지효) and SuperJunior (슈퍼주니어) will be attending the exhibition as well! so please come and see them, also have free consultation with "JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea"

Aug 14, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] JW Plastic Surgery Center English Consultant is going to Jakarta, Indonesia on September 2nd~3rd


Finally Jay is going to JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea is going to
JI Expo to attend K-Content Expo 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia to give consultation to people in Indonesia.

Jay will be attending exhibition on 2nd September 2017 ~ 3rd September 2017.

There are also doing to "Music Bank in Indonesia" on that day as well. So please purchase the tickets to see K-pop stars and maybe Jay from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea to get consultation :)

We will be having small events to give discount to people who visits "JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea's booth".

Hope to see you guys there!!!

Aug 11, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] What is SMAS Face lifting?? and Who needs Face lifting?


SMAS face lift (Face lift with SMAS muscle)

A facelift is a procedure which is used to provide patients with a tighter face and neck. It is used to reduce wrinkling and sagging of the skin on the neck and face which is usually caused by the aging process, or significant weight loss. The main goal of a facelift is to restore a balanced and youthful appearance.

What is SMAS?

The face is composed of four main layers: skin, fat tissue under the skin, fascia and the last layer is muscle. During the aging process, loss of fat tissue and sagging of the fascia occur which creates wrinkles and sagging.
SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) is a layer of fascia which can be imagined as a sheet lying on top of muscles. It is a very tight sheet and it doesn’t stretch much. A layer of fascia (SMAS layer) which is under the skin and the fat tissue will be tightened up together during the SMAS face lift. It will provide much more support for the overlying structures and the results will be more satisfying. The SMAS facelift provides long lasting results so the patient can expect the results of surgery to last for at least 10 years.


Who are Suitable Patients for a SMAS Facelift?

SMAS facelifts can be used for patients who suffer from deep nasolabial folds, loose jawline, deep wrinkles over their face, and wrinkles on the neck. It is also recommended for all patients who desire longer lasting results. So, if you have major sagging skin on your face or deep wrinkles and want a long term solution, then the SMAS facelift might be the best choice for you.

The Process of the SMAS Facelift

A facelift is a highly individualized procedure because every face is different and needs a different approach.
The length of the incision will depend on the purpose of the surgery. It should be long enough to address all the issues, and to allow for the removal of excess skin.
The full facelift incision usually starts from the top of the ear, then along the front of the ear canal, behind the ear and it ends in the hairline behind the ear. Nowadays, mini facelifts have become a very popular procedure and in that case the incision is significantly smaller. It is placed from the front side to back side of the ear.
After the incision is made, the skin is elevated and the SMAS layer is visualized. After that SMAS layer is released from its attachments (retaining ligaments) and lifted up. There are several techniques for addressing the SMAS layer. In a deep plane facelift, muscles and fascia will be elevated from the bone underneath them and moved up in order to reduce sagging.
In SMAS plication, parts of the muscle will be sutured onto themselves after they are folded. That way the length of the muscle will be reduced and there will be less sagging.
Another technique is SMASectomy, in which part of the muscle is cut out and the two ends are then sutured together.
The lower eyelid muscle is tightened so that under eye hollow is diminished. Muscles in the cheek area are moved upwards, muscles at the corner of the mouth are moved up as well as muscles under the marionette lines. SMAS in the neck and jowl area are tightened.
After the SMAS layer is repositioned and tightened, the skin is retracted and the excess skin is removed. At the end, the wound is sutured in multiple layers to prevent excessive scarring and skin tension.

Recovery After a SMAS Facelift

The SMAS facelift is an extensive surgical procedure, so the recovery period can last for a few weeks. It is usually associated with bruising and swelling. You should be able to continue doing your daily activities after stitches are removed. Bruising should start reducing after a week, so you might want to avoid going outside during the first week. Most patients don’t have any severe pain. After a week, there will be less bruising and swelling should start to subside.
Two weeks after the surgery, most of the swelling will subside. Your bruises might change in color and they will be less visible. After a month, there should be no more bruising and most of the swelling should subside.
Most surgeons recommend ice and elevation to reduce swelling. You should use higher pillows while sleeping to keep your head elevated.


Aug 2, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Why patients would like to have Breast Augmentation with Motiva Implants? and What is Motiva Implants?

WHY you need choose MOTIVA IMPLANT


One of the main questions beside the size of breast implants is the type of breast implants which should be used in a breast augmentation surgery. It is also a very important one. The wrong type of implants will provide you with suboptimal results.

Most plastic surgeons will provide their patients with all the needed information so that they can choose the type of implant they want.

When it comes to breast implant manufacturer, we recommend our patients to use MOTIVA breast implants. There are a lot of reasons to choose MOTIVA implants.


Reasons to choose MOTIVA implants

  • 1. The surface aspects of implants can make a big difference. MOTIVA combines the advantages of both smooth and textured surfaced implants. Smooth surfaced implants have a high possibility of mobility inside the breast, which may cause malpositining of the implants. On the other hand, textured implants remain fixed and don't move naturally enough inside the breasts, though stability of the implants is assured. MOTIVA textured implants have a highly improved texture which allows them to assimilate into the surrounding tissue of the breasts. It gives enough mobility for a natural feeling to the touch and also offers high stability that prevents capsular contracture and problems with malpositioning.

  • 2. MOTIVA provides a higher durability than other implants. The rupture rate for MOTIVA implants is under 0.1 %. They are extremely strong, which is a great option for more active women. Even though MOTIVA implants have a very strong shell, they still maintain their elasticity which allows surgeons to use a very small incision to insert the implants.

  • 3. MOTIVA implants are 99% filled so they have a low possibility for rippling phenomenon.
  • 4. The combination of new technologies used to create MOTIVA implants provides the most natural look and feel. The implants themselves have a low firmness so they change their shape and act like natural breasts.
  • 5. Depending on your desired look, you will have a great range of implant shapes, sizes, bases and projections to choose from.
  • 6. Q inside Safety Technology™ allows collecting of information about the breast implant without the need to open up the breast and see the implant. All you need is an appropriate reader and you can check which implant was used as well as the current quality of the implant.
  • 7. The origin of the silicone used for manufacturing MOTIVA implants is highly reputable and has been a top name in industry for over 30 years.


Warranty of MOTIVA implants

MOTIVA implant was tested for mechanical failure, chemical, physical or biological error. 

Every woman, which chooses MOTIVA implants will get a 5 year- coverage against rupture as well as coverage against capsular contracture.

In case of capsular contracture, it should be confirmed using MRI after which a request to replace the implant is made to the local distributor.


Motiva Ergonomix™ implants

Motiva Ergonomix™ implants are designed so that they provide the most natural look and feel. They are top of the class of anatomical breast implants. Earlier anatomical implants had a problem with rotation and hardness of implants. Motiva Ergonomix™ implants solved those problems combining special elastic shell of implant and ProgressiveGel Ultima™ which give implants very natural feel. They change their shape and the maximum point of projection as the woman changes its position.


Breast augmentation process using MOTIVA implants

JW's Breast augmentation with Motiva implants is one-day surgery performed under general anesthesia. It usually lasts around 2 hours and downtime is extremely short (most patients are capable to return to normal life activities after 1-2 days).

In our daily practice, we use armpit and the inframammary fold incisions. The type of incision is patient dependent and it is highly influenced by breast shape and conditions.

The first part of surgery is incision. We make sure that the incision is very small and well hidden in the armpits so that it can't be seen later once the scarring process is completed. Long-lasting local anesthetic will be administered to provide painless recovery period. After that the implant pocket is created using HD endoscopy, which provides surgeons a great view and prevent soft tissue damage. We use implant sizers to make sure that you will end up with your desired breast size and shape. The sizers are followed by appropriate MOTIVA implants.

The HD endoscopy method provides minimal manipulation of breast tissue, which is one of the main reasons for postoperative pain. Intercostal anesthesia is also provided to ensure that there is no postoperative pain.

Aug 1, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Dr. Man Koon Suh had press conference ...


Dr. Man Koon Suh went to Yangon, Myanmar and had Press Conference with many media and Ms. Su pan Htwar on 29th July 2017.

Ms. Su pan Htwar had Neck lifting and revision rhinoplasty from JW Plastic Surgery to improve her outlook. She wanted to remove her previous L-shaped silicone implants and tip projection. So Dr. Man Koon Suh had performed of removal L- Shape silicone implant, Derotation graft by using of her ear cartilage.
Dr. Yun Jun Kim have perfomed Neck lifting to improve her sagging and chubby neck.

There are so crowded with many medias from Yangon, Myanmar.

Here are the clips from Myanmar~

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Line ID : jwpskr
Email :
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Jul 28, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Differences between "Female rhinoplasty and Male rhinoplasty"

Hello everyone today we would like to discuss about "What the differences are between Female rhinoplasty and Male rhinoplasty."

Most of web pages online or other resources have lots of information about "Female rhinoplasty" but there is not enough of informations about "Male rhinoplasty", so I will explain about male rhinoplasty today.

What is "Male rhinoplasty" (rhinoplasty for men)?

Rhinoplasty for men improves the balance of your face by creating a sharp and beautiful nose.
Recently, more and more men are beginning to take care of their appearance.
Rhinoplasty is the most popular plasty surgery for men. The nose is considered the center of the face. Many male patients want to attain a more masculine apperance through rhinoplasty. Unlike women, usually men have a wide nasal bridge, straight facial lines, and thick skin. Therefore, an angle between the nose, face and other elements should be considered for rhinoplasty for men.

In-depth consultation with a specialist is necessary before an operation. In many cases, Humped nose correction and deviated nose correction are performed during rhinoplasty for male patients.

As you can see from the above pictures that male patients would like to have straight nose shape then curved line (S-line) shape nose.

What are the differences between "Female rhinoplasty" and "Male rhinopalsty"

Most of female patient prefer to achieve curved line (s-line) nose when they are going to have rhinoplasty, but male patient prefer to achieve a "sharp and straight nose" because it is more masculine appearance. Also male patients usually have humps, deviated septum, and thick skins then female patients (it doesn't mean everyone is like this).

When patient have Deviated nose, Deviated nasal septum, Nasal obstruction, etcs., please get in-depth examination by having 3D CT analysis from JW Plastic surgery center to have more accurate consultation and operation. (The rhinoplasty specialists will suggest you to have CT - Scan if needed)