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Fat transfer for anti-aging in Korea

Are you looking for a simple and safe procedure to improve volume for a more youthful and healthy-looking face? If you are afraid of injecting foreign materials into your body, there is a suitable procedure for you!

1. Aging process 
Volume decrease, Skin sagging, fine wrinkles due to repetitive muscle use. On the other hand, young people may look old because of their flat and compressed face.

2. What is fat transfer? 
Fat transfer is a procedure to define your facial feature by improving the volume and giving you a younger look by injecting autologous fat from your thighs or belly. The difference between fat transfer and filler is whether you use your own fat or foreign materials.

3. Grafted parts 
4. FAQ about fat transfer

- How long does it take for the swelling to subside?
It takes about 2 weeks for most of the swelling to go away and on the 3rd week, your face will look much more normal. During the first 3 months, some of the transferred fat will be absorbed into your body and …
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Otoplasty: Ear actually changes your life !

JW Plastic Surgery Korea Otoplasty: Ear actually changes your life ! 
1. What is Otoplasty? Otoplasty is a procedure for correcting abnormal shape of the ear due to innate or acquired reasons. Generally, this surgery is performed to give improvement on aesthetic and hygienic views.

Nowadays, people looking for this surgery for these reasons:

To have better first impression for job huntingProminent ear gives indecisive impressionTo affect positively physiognomy
In Asian culture, the ear has been taking a pivotal role of one's fortune because it affects a lot physiognomy.
For more information:
2. Ideal Shape of the Ear

-The most appropriate aspect ratio is 4:7
-The top of the ear is better to be located between upper eyelids and the tip of the nose.
-left-right symmetry gives more ideal looking.

How to Correct Different Causes of Complication after Having Breast Surgery

JW Plastic Surgery Korea What is 'revisional breast surgery ( revisional breast augmentation)'?
This is carried out when patients have dissatisfaction with the result after their breast augmentation ( as known as boob job), breast reduction surgery, breast reconstruction, or if they happen to have complications, or if one's aesthetical view has changed.

Breast revision is required when: the breast starts to feel hard and the shape becomes more ball-likeimplant malposition : implant has been located in the wrong positionimplant ruptureunauthenticated implant was used or foreign material was injectedunsatisfied feeling by touch: obviously palpable implant or if it has any rippling ( wrinkles of the surface of the implant is visible through the skin)dissatisfaction in size or shapeinfection after breast augmentationobvious left-right asymmetrysevere scarring and unnatural shape after breast reduction surgery, sagging breast surgery(mastopexy), or breast reconstruction
JW's …

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon from South Korea were invited as Panelist and Speaker from 16th International Congress of OSAPS in conjunction with ISAPS Symposium

There were "The 16th International Congress of OSAPS in conjunction with ISAPS Symposium, The 10th National Congress and 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting of InaPRAS held in 2018.7.18~21st Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Bali, Indonesia"

Current Active Member of ISAPS and Current all over Asian area's Educational Council "Dr. Man Koon, Suh" were invited as Panelist & Speaker.

He had speech about 5 subjects:

1. “Bulbous tip correction in Asians: aesthetic principle and pitfalls” 2. “Complication of hump nose correction and its correction”

Eye surgery review in Korea

Hello, I’m Yoori.

I was planning on going to Korea to have eye surgery after I graduated from high school but I had to delay getting my surgery because I needed to prepare for university. 
I didn’t have much time to research plastic surgery clinics in Korea. However, after I heard all the stories about the great service and wonderful results at JW Plastic surgery clinic from my cousin, I knew this was the clinic for me. 
I had a consultation with a JW consultant and was surprised to learn how much experience and knowledge the surgeons have as well their customer service was incredible and friendly. I was also impressed with how well organized and systemized the clinic was. The consultant I saw listened to me very carefully to what I wanted to get done as well as all my concerns. She was very helpful with explaining all the details when I met the surgeon. The surgery examined my eyes and explained clearly what caused my sleepy eyes. He then provided me with some great advice and recommen…

Forehead Lift in Korea

Forehead and Eyebrow Lifting for Naturally Tight Forehead !
We lift deep wrinkles on forehead and sagging upper eyelids at the same time for brighter and younger look.

1. Who needs Forehead Lift?
Case 1. I came for eye surgery but a doctor recommended Forehead Lift!
Case 2. I came to remove excessive fat and skin on puffy upper eyelids but a doctor recommended forehead lift!
Case 3. My eyes look gloomy and tired but JW doctor recommended forehead lift!
Case 4. I look fierce because of wrinkles on middle of eyebrows. A doctor recommended forehead lift!
Case 5. I got developed wrinkled skin on my nasal bridge but a doctor recommended forehead lift!

2. What is this forehead lift that does so many jobs on upper part of a face?
Simply, Forehead lift is a procedure to lift the forehead up by plastic fixer called Endotine.
STEP 1. A total of five small incisions are made in the areas of 1 cm behind of head hairline.
STEP 2. Looking through the endoscope, JW’s doctor detaches the skin and re…

A real review after eye surgery in Korea

Hello, I’m Ngo Bich Ngoc.

I’m from Vietnam but I've been living in Korea for the past 10 years.

As you can see in my pictures below, I decided to get eye surgery. My upper eyelids were sagging downwards which drastically affected the round shape of my eyes. My left eye had multiple creases because of a scar that I got when I was younger. To improve these areas, I decided to have eyelid surgery with a scar removal surgery.

I had many consultations at a lot of different clinics, however, I decided to choose JW Plastic Surgery. After a lot of consideration and listening to all the recommendations from people around me and reading all the internet info & reviews that I could find about JW, I decided it is the most suitable hospital for my surgery. It was especially impressive how almost all their patients there have a high level of satisfaction after surgery!

( You can see how obvious my scar is on my upper left eyelid and how my eyelids sag on both sides.)

At the consultation before t…