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Amy's Story

Hi :)

I had my first double eyelid surgery and epicanthoplasty 5 years ago but the result was very badly done.
It left severe scar on the eyelid as you can see in the below picture.
I was always suffered from my small and sleepy eyes with the severe scar but i was just afraid to do a revision since the first surgery made me a fear of the surgery.

But i have heard a lot of good things about JW from my friends and many people say JW Plastic Surgery Center is very reputable as advanced surgery technology and good after care.
So i have decided to undergo revision of double eyelid surgery incision method with ptosis correction and epicanthoplasty in JW Plastic Surgery Center.

Do you see the scar in the picture before surgery?
My eyes look always sleepy and everyone could easily notice that i had a surgery on the eyelid even it had been so long time.

This picture was taken one day after the surgery.
Do i look scary? hehe
Actually i was afraid the surgery might be painful but It wasn't painful at all.
My eyes look wet because i had to apply an ointment on the wound 3-4 times per a day for 7days.

It is getting better!
I can already see the improvement even though it is still swollen.
The stitches on the upper eyelid are removed and the rest at the medial side will be removed on the 7th day.
I can't wait to see the final result!

All the stitches are removed!
The nurses in JW are really good and kind.
They provided good after care service as i expected.
So what i have to do is only waiting for the final result. X)

Do you see the swelling is subsiding?
I had the deswelling treatment in JW and It really works.

It is not the final result yet but I'm already happy with my eyes.
My sleepy and ugly eyes are gone and I got this beautiful eyes. :)
It looks natural without make up already. 

I never could imagine going out without make up but after the surgery in JW, i don't mind whether i put make up or not. Hahahaha

After 5months!
I'm so confident with my eyes because everyone says it looks beautiful.
Dr.Choi Hong Lim is really amazing.
He removed all the bad scar and made natural and big eyes without scarring as i wanted.
I would like to say he is the best eyelid surgeon in Korea.

I guess i got the final result now.
They say the final result will be usually 3 to 6 months after surgery.
But it is individually different.

Do you see the big improvement?
I really appreciate Dr.Choi and JW Plastic Surgery staffs.
I never regret doing this surgery but i regret so much why i decided doing revision just now.

Why are you still hesitating?
Contact JW now! :)

What's app or kakaotalk id: jwbeauty777 / jwps /jwbeautykr

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