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Mar 9, 2016

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Plastic Surgery patient who has done Rhinioplasty (Heighten the bridge with silicone and tip plasty, Weir excision) and V line surgery (Mandibular angle, Zygoma reduction, Genioplasty)

Hello~ All the people out there who is in interested of Plastic Surgery, Korean Plastic Surgery, Korea and etc.
I would like to talk about my personal experience about plastic surgery in Seoul, Korea
I had plastic surgery from "JW plastic surgery Korea" few months ago
I had operation of
Rhinoplasty (Heighten the bridge by using of of silicone implants, Tip plasy by using of septal cartilage (nose cartilage), Weir excision) by Dr. Man Koon Suh
V-line surgery (Mandibular reduction, Zygoma reduction, and Genioplasty) which it is reduction your cheekbone,chin, and square jaw
They were very kind doctors with skilled experiences.
I will give all of my efforts of what they have done.
They did best job ever!!! I love myself now~
because I had so much stress from my previous look. As you can see from my previous operation surgery I had square jaw, big cheekbone, ugly nose with wide alar and drooped nose tip.
After plastic surgery from JW Plastic surgery center Korea they made my face more slimmer and V-line with defined nose tip with very nice shape nose
You guys can see my b&a pictures as below:

 3months after operation
6months after operation

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