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[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Premium Breast Implants "Motiva" @ JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea (Best breast augmentation surgeons in Korea)

Premium Breast Implants "Motiva"
Now you can meet at "JW Plastic Surgery Center"
Why Motiva?

Because of Establishment Labs’ experience and success in advanced product design and development, technological manufacturing and product support, Motiva Implants® Silicone Breast Implants represent the most innovative implants available today:

·         State-of-the-art shell design that results in a strong and durable breast implant.

·         Exceptional elasticity for ease of insertion and smaller incisions.

·         Ultra soft, form-stable filling gel for optimal shape retention and feel.

·         The most complex and advanced range of implant projections to meet the expectations of both the surgeon and patient.

·         Specialized choice of surface texturing, without the use of foreign materials that can damage the implant shell.

Innovation plays a key role
in safety.

Better manufacturing practices, adherence to US and European Standards and patented technologies. In these times of uncertainty, the goal of innovation must be the patient’s safety.

At Establishment Labs innovation is our daily routine. Engineers and executive staff have been in the breast aesthetics industry for more than 30 years in the US and abroad.

Motiva Implants

Exceed with the Highest Quality Standards

  •    Medical grade, long-term implantable silicones with extensive chemical, physical and biological testing, filed with the FDA.
  •    Raw materials provided by the largest and most reputable silicone manufacturer in the US, with a safety record of more than 30 years in the medical industry.
  •    Mechanical testing results that exceed the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F703-07 and ISO 14607:2007 Standards.
  •    Enhanced safety profile, as demonstrated by the biological testing results, in accordance to the US and European Pharmacopoeias as well as the ISO standard 11737-1:2006 Standard. 1
  •    Establishment Labs offers the world’s first breast implant containing Q Inside Safety Technology, a technology that enables your breast implant(s) to be identified externally in your physician’s office, via the use of a proprietary handheld reader.

Improved Performance

  •    Mechanical testing results that exceed the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
  •    F-703 Standards and the minimum value of 450% by the ISO 14607:2009.
  •    Shell elongation of twice the minimum value of 350% required by the ASTM F703-07.
  •    Force at breaking four times above the required by ASTM F703-07 Standard.
  •    Rupture rates below 0.1%.
  •    94.5% Satisfaction rates.


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