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JW Plastic Surgery Center has been chosen to Next Frontier as Best medical service industry in South Korea

South Korea today is a vibrant economy, at the strategic heart of the APEC region,
the fastest growing economic region in the world. 2018 will bring all eyes of the world
on South Korea as it hosts the biggest sporting event in the world, and give South Korea
the much deserved opportunity to showcase the exciting reality and bright future of this
innovative country. Our video series sheds light on South Korea’s high growth sectors and
current socio-economic trends through the expert opinions and insights from some of
South Korea’s top economic & political leaders.

South Korea: a global leader in medical tourism

"JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea" has been chosen as a Global leader in Medical tourism from Next Frontier and uploaded the video of JW Plastic Surgery Clinic main video clip on their websites. On Next frontier websites there are video clips of Lotte Hotels & Resorts, Kakao pay, COEX, President of Yonsei University, and Director of JW Plastic Surgery Clinic. The top leaders in each fields are speaking about top industries in South Korea.

South Korea is experiencing explosive growth in medical tourism due to its high quality doctors and advanced medical procedures equal to anywhere in the world, but at a more cost-effective rate. What started with cosmetic surgeries has quickly developed into a wide variety of medical treatments, including pioneering cancer and spinal treatments. We brought together medical leaders from all different fields to discuss why this is just the beginning for this medical tourism boom and why South Korea should be at the top of anyone’s list for medical care.


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Experience in Fat grafting and Lateral Canthoplasty in Korea

This is Melod Low from Singapore who had Full Face Fat Grafting by Dr. Chul hwan Seul and Lateral Canthoplasty by Dr. Kim from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea last year.

I finally got to post my post operation blogs through here since it has been fully recovered and looks great!!

The main reason why I have done Full face fat grafting was because I wanted to have some volumes on my face to have more pretty and look younger!!!

Post-op day 3

Little bit swollen from fat grafting but it is not worse than I was think of

I guess I'm not the person who gets swollen a lot !!!

But you still can see some swollowness on my face right?? hahaha but it is okay because I'm gonna be look a lot better soon!! just waiting for that moment right now.

Above 3 pictures are post-op 2 months after my Full face fat grafting and Lateral Canthoplasty As you can see from the picture I look much natural and younger now! Whithin 2 weeks ~ 1month there were some absorbtion of fat that I have injected now it turned in…

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Many people, who are considering plastic surgery, are reluctant because they worry about foreign materials being put in their bodies. What options are there for them? For people who want a nose job, their own septal cartilage and ear cartilage can be used to help them get the nose they want. These two cartilages are the most commonly used materials for the augmentation of the nose. What if these are not enough for the augmentation? How about rib cartilage in our chest?

1. What is rhinoplasty with rib cartilage?

Rib cartilage is bigger than septal cartilage or ear cartilage. It is able to provide enough material to modify your nose any way you would like, whether it is lengthening your nose or increasing the height you’ll notice a drastic change.

Sometimes the body will reject foreign materials, however, this doesn’t occur in the case of using rib cartilage. As well, the absorption rate of rib cartilage is much lower than other cartilages so it is able to maintain the shape of the …