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How to Have a Small Face Like the Barbie doll without Having Bone Surgery: Hair transplant

How to Have a Small Face like Barbie without Having Bone Surgery : Hair Transplant

In Asian beauty, people consider that having small head can achieve better proportion of the body, which is like a Barbie doll. This have made many people desiring to have a small head. There are some factors which make the face looking bigger such as when the lower part of the face is long comparing to the proportion of the entire face, when the zygoma is comparatively developed, when the distance between the eyes are close, and when the forehead is wide comparing to the proportion of the entire face. 
In terms of the wide forehead, it can be a lot improved by having hair graft round the forehead to make them smaller. 

Q. I Am Afraid of Having Bone Surgery Because I Do Not Like Skin Sagging after Bone Surgery and the Pain Caused by the Surgery. What Should I Do??

There are few method of having the small face effectively.

     1. Face lift

This method can be effective for those hav…
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Fat Injection with PRP vs Stemcell in Korea

Fat Injection with PRP vs Stemcell in Korea

Is Stem Cell Effective? Cost in Korea? Differences between Stemcell and PRP?
As the natural aging process happens, many seniors are looking for an anti-aging process. Some patients are afraid of having surgery or have the keloid skin type, so we have been having many inquiries about non-invasive anti-aging procedures such as fat injection, stem cell or PRP. These non-invasive procedures have a lot of bright sides such as fast recovery, no scarring, and budget-friendly. Among these, I would like to give you information about the most frequently asked questions: What is the difference between fat injection with stem cell and PRP.

What Is PRP and Stem Cell? And How They WIll Be Extracted?
PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a substance that promotes healing when injected. Plasma is a component of your blood that contains special 'factors' that support cell growth. PRP is harvested by isolating plasma from the blood and concentrating it.
A stemcell…

Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy in Korea

Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy in Korea
Women who are aged in after 30s may have heard about stem cell regeneration treatment once or twice. Stem cell has been using for variety of medical fields as well as beauty industry. 

What Are Anti-Aging Stem Cells?
Stem cell is a undifferentiated cell, so it has a ability to differentiate to diverse tissues or organs. Also, this plays a pivotal role of repairing damaged cell or organs of the body. Also,  stem cell secretes many growth factors which help cells engraftment and vitalization.  
-main role of stem cell : cell regeneration, differentiation,  improvement on immune function, vitality of growth factor, blood vessel repair, a cure for damages on the body, an auto-regenerative ability

The Effect of Stem Cell Anti-Aging Therapy
-rejuvenation/differentiation of tissues -modulation of immune system -activation of glowing factors -repair-therapy for damage in the body ( also, for scar tissue contracture) -auto-regeneration
By having stem cell anti-aging …

5 Tips to Know for Healthy Recovery after Plastic Surgery

5 Tips to Know for Your Healthy Recovery after Plastic Surgery
Plastic surgery is getting popular as time passes. Of course, it has a positive effect that people become much attractive and confident by having plastic surgery, but still plastic surgery requires at least 6 months to 1 year of recovery period. During recovery period, patients can temporarily experience swelling, bruising, or sometimes asymmetry, which drives patients crazy after surgery. When people think negatively, the brain send a message to the body. As a result, the body becomes tiring and it causes slower recovery ability. This means that your thought could affect on recovery process and even the result.
I am writing this posting to help people who are waiting for having cosmetic surgery to go through recovery process healthily and positively.

1. Becoming Beautiful Right Away after Surgery? NO!!!!!!!

The answer is No!  Even after successful surgery, people can feel uncomfortable and tiring feeling. At least 6months to 1…

Buttock Augmentation in Korea : the Brazilian Butt Lift to Achieve a Slender Body!

Buttock Augmentation in Korea : the Brazilian Butt Lift to achieve a well-balanced hot body!

The beauty standard has been changing. In the past, many women wanted to be pretty and as skinny as possible. However, recently more and more women want to have a healthy and shapely body contour, specifically, they want a fuller and rounder butt! 

There are 2 common way to achieve rounder butt
The first options is to use an implant, and the other option is a fat transfer ( fat injection). Each method has pros and cons, so you are better to consult with your doctor to decide what the right method is for you based on your physical characteristics.

Option1: implant method Pros- Achieve any or shape you want. Even dramatic changes are possible.
Cons- The implant can move. Unnatural appearance. The possibility of rupturing.
Cost can be expensive. Possible scarring from insulting the implant
Option2: Fat transfer method( Fat injection)Pros- The safe results. The feeling to touch and the shape is natural It is possi…

9 Questions to Ask Eye Surgeons Before Eye Surgery

9 Questions to Ask Eye Surgeons Before Eye Surgery

A majority of women would like to have big and bright eyes which have defined double eyelids. When the eyes are small or have ptosis ( weak eye-opening muscle), they appears to be lazy and have a sleepy look. This can reduce people's confident, and can have a negative effect on their social life.

Today, JW will clarify the 9 most common questions about eye surgery.

1. What should I do before getting eye surgery?

1 week before surgery, we should stop taking medication which can affect your bleeding. Typical medications that we recommend patients to stop taking are birth control pills, hormone drugs, Vitamin E, and Aspirins. In addition, if a patient has a health issue such as hypertension, diabetes, or thyroid disease. It is important to let your consultant know, so they can help you take the appropriate measures before proceeding the surgery.
Dr. Choi, a director of JW Plastic Surgery Korea, said; that if you plan to have laser eye surg…