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My experience about nose reduction surgery in Korea: America vs Korea

My Experience getting Nose Reduction Surgery in Korea - Why I Didn't Choose to go to America to Have Plastic Surgery.

[*This is a real review from a patient who had nose reduction surgery at JW Plastic Surgery Korea.]

Hello, everyone.
 I am Anastasia from Russia and I am writing this review to share my experience of getting rhinoplasty in Korea. Before getting surgery, I did a lot of research about rhinoplasty all over the world and it was not an easy decision. However, I ended up deciding to go to Korea, instead of America to get nose reduction surgery.  I hope this review of my experience in Korea will help you to make your decision.
 Currently, I am working as a model and makeup artist in Russia and China. In the past, I had not really thought about my appearance. However, the more photo shoots I had I started to notice more and more that my nose wasn't very smooth and it looked very long and sharp. 

Having Surgery in America VS South Korea?

 After I noticed this about my nose, i…
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A Quick 1-Day Dark Circle Removal Surgery: JW Plastic Surgery Korea

We Can Remove Dark Circles Permanently: Quick Dark Circle Surgery

The Causes of Dark CirclesMore and more people are concern about dark circles these days. Common causes of dark circles are:
-Excessive fat or lack of fat on lower eyelids -The muscle or blood vessels are visible through the skin -Complex causes from the aging process (i.e-wrinkles, skin sagging)

The dark under the eyes can make people look tired as well as make their skin tone darker. 

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Below are steps on how to massage your eyes to improve the dark circles from Healthline. Healthline is one of the web magazines which actively provides useful information about health, medicine, and lifestyle. This helps lymph circulation around the eyes and make the eyes brighter. A eye massage won't provide a sudden change or a huge amount of improvement, but it is worth trying to help slow down the process of dark cir…

Chul Hwan Seul MD, Ph.D was invited to give a lecture at the 8th international advanced Mammoplasty Symposium in China.

Chul Hwan Seul MD, Ph.D was invited to give a lecture at the 8th international Advanced Mammoplasty Symposium.

Dr. Seul was invited as a representative of the Korean breast augmentation surgeons at the 8th International Advanced Mammoplasty Symposium held in Guangzhou, China.
This symposium had more than 300 of international plastic surgeons from Korea, china, many other Asian and European countries attended it. It was held to share information about the latest trends and reasearch for breast implants, breast augmentation and asymmetry correction with breast implants. The top 3 Chinese breast surgeons were the main speakers and Dr. Chul Hwan Seul was the representative of Korean breast surgeons. Dr. Seul earned respect from attendees by sharing technique of breast augmentation with asymmetry correction for patients whose breasts are extremely small and/or uneven.
Dr. Seul is a renowned breast surgeon in the world. At this symposium, he was acknowledged by the attendees for explaining how…

When is it safe to fly after plastic surgery? [JW Plastic Surgery Korea]

When is safe to fly after plastic surgery?

South Korea is well-known as one of the capitals of plastic surgery. Many people have been coming to Korea to have plastic surgery. It is not only important to have surgery at a right clinic, but to also go back home safely. 

The following information is answers to questions that we often get from patients during consultation. We hope this information is helpful in making your decisions.

1. How soon after surgery can I fly? Patients are normally worried about a possibility of wound opening due to decreasing air pressure in a cabin, but this is a common misunderstanding. The air pressure on an airplane is not as low as we think. If we consider the air pressure on the ground as 1, the air pressure in the cabin of an airplane is about 0.8. This pressure change is similar to do a short hike up a small mountain. So, there really is no need to worry about this situation as there is an extremely low chance of a wound opening because of air pressure on…

Man Koon Suh, MD was invited to give a lecture about rhinoplasty at the 2018 ISAPS Congress in Miami

Man Koon Suh, MD was invited to give a lecture about rhinoplasty at the 2018 ISAPS Congress in Miami

ISAPS, the largest society of international plastic surgeons, hold an international congress every 2 years in a different place around the world. This year it was held in Miami. At the Congress, about 2500 of the most renowned plastic surgeons from around the world attended and shared the ideas and techniques regarding plastic surgery to help continue advancing the plastic surgery industry.

Man Koon Suh, MD was invited to give a lecture about how to overcome the pitfalls of the contracted short nose correction.

In addition, ASAPS, which is the largest society of Asian plastic surgeons, selected a panel of four to lecture about the most popular surgeries among Asian. Man Koon Suh, MD was selected as the representative of Asian rhinoplasty and gave a lecture about it.

For more information about plasic surgeryFREE ONLINE CONSULTATION Whats App : +82-10-4779-5116/ +82-10-6389-5114/ +82-10-71…

The Price for Male Plastic Surgery in Korea [Common Plastic Surgery in Korea for Men]

The Price for Male Plastic Surgery in Korea [Common Plastic Surgery in Korea for Men]

Nowadays, male plastic surgery has become more popular. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of cosmetic procedures for men has increased by more than 106% between 1997 and 2012. And more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2017 on men alone.

Why More Men are Getting Plastic Surgery Now

Here are some of the reasons why more men are getting plastic surgery these days: The Korean wave: K-pop, Korean Idols, Korean dramaTo enhance their careerTo stay competitive in the job marketTo be an athletic dad : daddy do-overs

What are popular surgeries among Male patients
1. Eye surgery Most male patients prefer defined eyes over big eyes with a high fold. Among senior male patients, lower blepharoplasty is more popular as it gives a younger look to help increase their confidences and success in business.

2. Rhinoplasty
Male patients generally prefer to have…

How to Choose a Reliable Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea.

How to Choose a Reliable Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea
4 Tips for Choosing a Reliable Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea: A Must-Read before Coming to Korea for Plastic Surgery Shopping.

As a consultant for foreign patients at JW Plastic Surgery Korea, it is easy to see many patients having plastic surgery shopping in Korea. Plastic surgery shopping is a sort of medical tourism. Patients have face to face consultation at multiple clinics, and compare them, to choose the best clinic for them. This is supposed to help them to make the right decision. However, as a mega capital of plastic surgery, Seoul has a lot of plastic surgery clinics. The clinics has become competitive. To convince plastic surgery shopper, the clinics developed themselves to attract patients with luxurious interior, attractively cheap prices, or aggressive marketing, which makes plastic surgery shoppers even more confused. This can lead to shoppers choosing an unreliable clinic which can end in needing revisional sur…