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Dangerous side effects of using PCL mesh for rhinoplasty

Dangerous side effects of using PCL mesh for rhinoplasty
Be careful when selecting new and experimental materials for your nose surgery!
Synthetic materials commonly used for rhinoplasty surgeries include silicone implant, Gore-Tex implant, Medpor, PDS plate and PCL mesh. 
However, JW Clinic’s Dr ManKoon Suh – President of the Korean Academic Association of Rhinoplasty Surgeons – recommends patients to be careful when agreeing to the use of PCL Mesh for their nose surgery. 

There are several reasons why you should be careful of using it.
1.Fibrosis cannot maintain the new position of the nose tip
The current buzz surrounding PCL Mesh is similar to that of Medpor, which is now not recommend for nose-tip surgery on Asian patients because of serious side effects, including skin redness and potential extrusion through the skin.
PCL, or ‘Polycaprolactone’, is a hydrophobic, semi-crystalline polymer with a good flexibility. It is an absorbable mesh which is easy to manipulate and has a slow degrada…
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Fixing an Infection after Rhinoplasty: No Need to Wait for Revision Surgery

Fixing an Infection after Rhinoplasty:  No Need to Wait for Revision Surgery   

As a board certified Rhinoplasty specialist , Dr.Suh was invited as speaker to Malaysian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Craniomaxillofacial surgeons and gave important lecture about when and with which material can the revisional secondary operation done?     Dr Suh’s new revision surgery technique minimizes the wait for unsatisfied rhinoplasty patients. Infections after rhinoplasty surgery are generally very rare. At JW Plastic Surgery Center in Seoul,implant-related infections are reported at rate less than 0.3%. This is less than the average globally reported rate of 1-3%.      However, many patients who come to JW Plastic Surgery Center are looking to heal an infection from a previous rhinoplasty surgery elsewhere.     Some signs and symptoms of a post-surgery infection include swelling, pain, tenderness, redness, and 'heat sensation' in the nose.

Local infections limited to the soft tissue o…

5 Ways Koreans protect their skin from air pollution

5 Ways Koreans protect their skin from air pollution

It’s no secret that the air pollution in Seoul can sometimes be quite severe. Prolonged exposure to the miniscule particles present in polluted air known to have negative effects on the skin, contributing to dryness, aging, wrinkles, brown spots, and more. So how do so many people in South Korea maintain their flawless-looking skin? JW Beauty Clinic’s skin experts give the five top tips for clear, clean, and smooth skin – no matter the weather conditions!

Use Sunscreen If there’s one thing to do on a daily basis to help skin resist damage from air pollutants, it is to use a high-quality SPF sunscreen on your bare skin. Not only does sunscreen help block harmful UV rays from penetrating the skin, it also helps diminish the heightening effects of the UV rays on pollutants in the atmosphere. Many sunscreens also include antioxidants which will help the skin remain healthy and clear.
Drink water and antioxidants Regular exposure to air pollu…

Top 5 most popular cosmetic surgeries at JW Beauty Center in Seoul

JW Beauty Center in Seoul is one of South Korea’s leading international plastic surgery hospitals. But what are the most popular surgeries among our overseas patients? JW Beauty Center welcomes over thousand of international and overseas patients to our hospital every year, for a variety of cosmetic surgeries and other beauty treatments. Below is a list of the five most sought-after surgeries at JW Beauty Center.
1 - Rhinoplasty Revision Our Rhinoplasty specialist Doctor Man Koon Suh, President of the Korean Academic Association of Rhinoplasty Surgeons, is a leading national expert in Rhinoplasty and Rhinoplasty revision. Many of our patients from both Korea and overseas come to JW Beauty Center seeking a revision to an existing, unsatisfactory nose surgery. Doctor Suh is the surgeon of choice for many people who are not happy with the cosmetic surgery they had on their nose at another hospital or clinic overseas.
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7 Places to enjoy yourself within 5-minutes of JW Beauty Center in Gangnam, Seoul

7 Places to enjoy yourself within 5-minutes of JW Beauty Center in Gangnam, Seoul

JW Beauty Center has moved! We are now in a brand-new location in the Samsung area, also in Gangnam, Seoul. Our new building is in a prime spot in the heart of one of the city’s best entertainment, shopping, and dining districts. Patients coming for plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments in Seoul will find everything they need within a short walk of JW Beauty clinic. Find out what’s in our new eighborhood, below.

1 - Premier hotel block The relocated JW Beauty Center is in the middle of a premier hotel block, with accommodation ranging from 5* hotels, to business hotels, and budget accommodation. Two of Seoul’s leading hotels, the InterContinental Seoul, and the Oakwood Premier, are within a three minute walk of the clinic, meaning patients who choose to stay there can easily get to and from their appointments with us. The Park Hyatt Seoul and Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas are also both just a short w…

How to Have a Small Face Like the Barbie doll without Having Bone Surgery: Hair transplant

How to Have a Small Face like Barbie without Having Bone Surgery : Hair Transplant

In Asian beauty, people consider that having small head can achieve better proportion of the body, which is like a Barbie doll. This have made many people desiring to have a small head. There are some factors which make the face looking bigger such as when the lower part of the face is long comparing to the proportion of the entire face, when the zygoma is comparatively developed, when the distance between the eyes are close, and when the forehead is wide comparing to the proportion of the entire face. 
In terms of the wide forehead, it can be a lot improved by having hair graft round the forehead to make them smaller. 

Q. I Am Afraid of Having Bone Surgery Because I Do Not Like Skin Sagging after Bone Surgery and the Pain Caused by the Surgery. What Should I Do??

There are few method of having the small face effectively.

     1. Face lift

This method can be effective for those hav…