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How to Choose a Reliable Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea.

How to Choose a Reliable Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea
4 Tips to Choose a Reliable Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea: Must-Read before Coming Korea for Plastic Surgery Shopping.

As a consultant for foreign patients in JW Plastic Surgery Korea, it is easy to see many patients having plastic surgery shopping in Korea. Plastic surgery shopping is a sort of medical tour. Patients have face to face consultation at multiple clinics, and compare them to choose the best clinic for them. This supposes to help them to make a right decision. However, as a mega capital of plastic surgery over the world, Seoul has a lot of plastic surgery clinics. The clinics has become competitive. To convince plastic surgery shopper, they developed themselves to attract patients with luxurious interior, attractively cheap price, or aggressive marketing, which makes plastic surgery shoppers even more confused and ends up having revision surgery by paying a double price. The reason why I am writing this posting is …
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How to correct saggy breasts without having surgery : the answer from the best breast surgeon in Korea

How to correct saggy breasts without having surgery : answered by getting advice from the best breast surgeon in Korea.
Everyone has a different perspective on beauty. Some prefer slightly saggy breasts, and some prefer lifted breasts. However, most of women get stressed after giving a birth because it generally makes their breast much saggier. Today, we are talking about how to correct saggy breasts.

Saggy Breasts Can be Corrected without Having Surgery??
The reasons for saggy breast:
Sudden weight lossAfter giving a birthLoss of muscle, having inappropriate postureLoss of skin elasticity The extend of saggy breasts:

In general, breasts will be considered as saggy depending on the position of the nipples by the level of under breast line ( inframammary folds)

So, How Can Saggy Breasts be Corrected without Having Surgery?

Consistent self-care: Applying elasticity cream regularly or scrubbing and washing on a daily basis will help to maintain the skin elasticity.Muscle endurance exercise a…

World-renowned and Top Korean rhinoplasty surgeon, Man Koon Suh published his 5th book titled 'Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty'

World-renowned and Top Korean rhinoplasty surgeon, Man Koon Suh published his 5th book titled 'Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty'. This book is written in English and published by Springer which is one of the top medical and science publishers in the world

Dr. Suh, is a top rhinoplasty surgeon, has already published four other medical books about rhinoplasty. However, 'Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty' contains all of Dr. Suh's essential 'know-how' about Asian rhinoplasty based on his 18 years of clinical experience. Dr. Suh continuously has high patient satisfaction in terms of aesthetic and functionality and within' this book you can learn all the skills and techniques that help Dr. Suh accomplish all these beautiful results. 

'Atlas of Asian Rhinoplasty' consist of 17 chapters that introduces a diverse amount of surgical methods for the Asian nose and cutting-edge information about rhinoplasty. This book uses his know-how from 18 years of clinical experienc…

Real Plastic Surgery Review: I Couldn't Close My Eyes- Lower Blepharoplasty Complication-How to Prevent Ectropion(Lower Eyelids Turn Inward)

Real Plastic Surgery Review: I Couldn't Close My Eyes Lower Blepharoplasty Complication-How to Prevent and Correct Ectropion (Lower Eyelids Turn Inward)

Many people think that lower eyelids surgery is a kind of simple surgeries. It makes people not taking important aspects such as method, hospital, and doctor into consideration when they choose a clinic for lower eyelid surgery. And this situation cause that many people happen to have their eyes turned inward or out ward(rolled over, flipped over : same terms), which is known as ectropion. Today, we are going to talk about how to prevent lower blepharoplasty complication (ectropion) and what we can do if it happens.

JW lower blepharoplasty is not focus on only make up the deficit. We more concern and focus on restoration of the aged eyes to the eyes before we got aged.

1. The reason why the fat on lower eyelids has become bulging : the cause of bulging under eye fat. The bulging under eye fat can be caused by innate reason, lack of…

Having Real experiences of Korean Plastic Surgery

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This patient had Endo forehead lifting, Rhinoplasty , V-line Surgery ( cheek bone +chin) , Breast augmentation by using Motiva Implant.

Check her Before & After pictures and hear her realistic plastic surgery experience through this Youtube

Korean V-line surgery _ where is the best V-line surgery clinic in Korea ?

Face contouring surgery _ where is the best face contouring surgery clinic in Korea ?  It is easy to see people who have a very defined jawline ( V-line). So it has become a common desire to want the ideal face shape. It is true that we have advanced technique with make-up and aesthetic treatment, but still, it can't give the dramatic result that plastic surgery gives. We fully understand that it is difficult for people who don't work in the plastic surgery field to find a clinic, offering great skills and results; therefore, we will give you a few tips on how to find skillful surgeons and surgery clinics that provide good face contouring surgery.

1. What is V-line surgery(face contouring surgery)? V-line surgery is a common terms for mandible reduction + genioplasty (chin surgery). This surgery is often performed to achieve a smooth contour of the face by resh…

Plastic Surgery in Korea, General Anesthesia Ends up Leading to the Death.

[Plastic Surgery in Korea] General Anesthesia Ends up Leading to the Death.

Recently, plastic surgery has become so common and regular that is like buying accessories for your outfit. We can easily see friends around us getting plastic surgery when they graduate high school or get their first paycheck. Over the years, South Korea has been becoming one of the plastic surgery capital of the world. Many patients from overseas come to South Korea to have plastic surgery. Due to the huge increase in plastic surgery operations, the number of plastic surgery accidents has also increased. The most common accidents are general anesthesia accidents.

Thus, we have gathered a few common misconceptions about general anesthesia:
-Sleeping anesthesia(sedation) is safe, and general anesthesia is dangerous and causes anesthesia accident.
-After undergoing general anesthesia, it causes severe anesthesia complications like chill or nausea.
-There is a possibility of being awake during the surgery and f…