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[Real Story] Looks older than actual age,but now she got rejuvenated!

Hi! I'm Ajin.I am 29 years old.
To see my old face,I looked older than that.
Cause my eyelids were droopy and have sunken under my eyes.
And I don't like my nose as well.
For young looking, the doctor also recommended me fat injection on face.
I did decide to do surgery in JW Plastic Surgery.

My eyes look bigger after surgery!
The double eyelids line is higher than before.
I think it’s done well.

I removed the cotton inside of nose on the 3th day by doctor.
Now I can breath.It didn't swell as much as I thought.

The bandage has gone,finally I saw my nose shape.
High enough but the nasal bride look so wide.
The doctor said it's about the swollen inside of the nose.

Still can see the bruise on my nasal bridge. 
I started to worry about what's wrong with the silicon.
The double eye-lines look very nature now.

After two weeks,felt very good.My face is not round any more.
The color is totally gone!No bruise around eyes and on nose anymore!
I can go out now without mask.Kind of excited.

I've been already back to work after the surgery one week.
Now my colleague that I look much different from before.
I look younger now!Do you believe I'm 18 years old?(joke)

Still didn't get rid of my dark circles.
So I took filler injection below my eyes to fix them after 3 weeks.
Now it's a good time to do it.Make me perfectly!

It's me now. I am almost 30 years old this year.
But I feel I got my youth back.
Thank you for giving rejuvenation,JW!:)

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