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[JW Plastic Surgery Korea]All about Male Rhinoplasty

I had little hump on the nose and the shape was ugly.
Nobody thought my nose looks good.
I also agreed with them.
The point of beauty is eyes for girls and nose for boys.
Isnt it?

Before the surgery

Definitely there is hump on the nose bridge
It is not straight.
I dont look kind. 

I had part time job for this surgery and my parents also supported me.
I always covered my nose whenever I take a picture.
But I dont usually take a picture.

This picture is after the surgery.
It was very swollen on the surgery day.
So I didnt take any picture.
I still have some swelling.
People say I look like Yoon, Siyoon. Hahah

My face looks sharper.
Now, Im sure the nose is really important for man.
The nose surgery made my features look more define.

My life didn’t get totally changed but it is definitely changed.
It wasn’t successful whenever I had blind date.
But now, the girl even asks me out first.
They say my nose looks good.

My sister told me to take picture of the clinic.
Oh, I choose this clinic since my sister had eyelid surgery before in this clinic since her eye surgery was successful.

I saw some before and after pictures of male rhinoplasty.
The staff was very kind.
The clinic was big.
This clinic had many picture of male rhinoplasty.

I enjoy exercise but they said I cant exercise hard for the moment.

So Thanks for reading my story.

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