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[Real Story] Improved my Asiatic characters.

Hi.I had Eye surgery and breast augmentation.
My eyes swelled like 2 Sausages!

I back home the next day, I felt very uncomfortable.

My eye surgery was Ptosis Correction.Then I can open my eyes bigger.

I went to JW,the nurse helped to clean scars.
And Doctors also checked with me.
The stitches on my eyes have been removed. 

Already one week, the eyes look uneven cause of the swollen.

The scar still looks visible,but I like it.

Became more and more naturally.

After 2 weeks, I had facial contouring surgery and rhinoplasty.

My whole face has been swollen like a water melon lol

When you can see the bruises, it means  the swollen starts to go down.

Actually I got uneven swollen again on face.

On cheeks, it's more swelling on right to left.

I had to wait one month.
When the main swollen is down, I can make up.

Two month,everything recovered greatly!
I like my new breast size.

My big forehead, oh!
Through surgeries, I improved a lot. :D

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