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[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] Vietnamese women had Eye Revision surgery and fixed her problems

Hello This is Lu Thi Hong from Vietnam
I would like to share my Plastic Surgery journey I had from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea
I had total of 4 surgeries overall including last one from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea with
Dr. Honglim, Choi
I had my first and second surgery from Vietnam and third surgery from one of the plastic surgery clinic in Korea, but some reason my eye look still sleepy, tired looking, and eyes were look still small even though I had revision surgery, they have done horrible job on my eyes because it didn't get improved at all after all those surgery, So I have decided to come to JW Plastic Surgery Center after all the research from an internet. I found out that Dr. Honglim, Choi from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea were really good with great experiences, but since it was my 4th time having surgery so I was really careful about it. because all the doctors from vietnam or korea i have met said they can improve my look and resolve problems I had but as you can see my before pictures you can't really trust them
When I actually met doctor Hong lim, Choi he was super nice and explained me all the main problems of my previous surgery and how he is going to fix my massed up eyes from having bad experience of plastic surgery from Vietnam and one of big clinic in Korea
I started to trusting his words and decided having surgery here
Operation name called Revision Ptosis Correction double eyelid surgery (levator)
Dr. Honglim, Choi enhanced my upper eyelid muscles to improve my sleepy and tired look also he made symmetric double eyelid 
 This is How I have changed magically by Dr. Honglim, Choi
he made all of my concerns to be gone by performing one operation :)
I decided to my lower eyelid also from JW Plastic Surgery Korea by Dr. Honglim, Choi because I know he is top eye surgery specialist. It was also revision case of Lower Blepharoplasty (lower eyelid lifting), but Dr. Choi was sure that he could improve my concerns, so I decided to give all of my trust and let him perform the surgery on me once again.
This picture is 4 months after Upper eyelid & Lower eyelid surgery
It sure got improved!! now I'm not in a misery
I really do appreciate to surgeon at JW Plastic surgery Korea


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