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[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Part1.) What you should think before having secondary blepharoplasty (revision eyelid surgery): 1. Volume problem

Part 1.

Today I would like to talk about people having "secondary blepharoplasty" (revision eyelid surgery)

As you know it is very important to find right plastic surgery clinic and right surgeon who can solve your problems it caused by previous operation you had.

Before having "secondary blepharoplasty" you should know what you have to solve the problems of your eyes.

There are 5 major factors to make natural double fold (double eyelids). These are
  • Height of eyelids
  • Volume of eyelids
  • Depth of eyelids
  • Adhesion of eyelids
  • Levator function (Power of your eyelid muscle)
Most of the "Secondary Blepharoplasty" cases are related to inadequacy of these factors.

And I'm going to talk about "volume problems" today.

1. Volume problems:

The volume problems are roughly divided two categories. Fulness and sunken. Also most of the problems are caused by sunken eyelid for "secondary blepharoplasty".
  • Fullness- Excess of covering
  • Sunken- Lack of covering
Sunken eyelid is related with "Levator function", and it can easily cause pseudoptosis. Most of the sunken cases are corrected only "levator surgery" and "preaponeurotic fat repositioning"

Most of patients or unprofessional surgeons chosen to perform fat injection on your upper eyelids to solve the sunkeness on your upper eyelids but that will be the last choice. Before having this thoughts you will consider to solve by use the pre-aponeurotic fat.

This patient did not have any fat injection on her upper eyelid
We just performed "Levator advancement and Pre-aponeurotic fat repositioning"
When we perform the reduction of the volume, it should be avoided to remove too much OOM of the lower flap. It is not effective for volume reduction and can make unnatural double fold, so you must find the right doctor who can perform and control the right amount of volume not to make a high & deep fold, low fold, upper flap reduction.

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