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Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon Dr. Chul Hwan, Seul got awarded by BellaGel

Most women are longing for beautiful breasts.
JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea surgeons perform breast augmentation with most suitable for body type considering the different physical characteristics of each individually.

Golden Ratio For Beautiful Breast

The most ideal breast is when the length of A,B,C is equilateral triangle (18cm ~ 22cm)
Nipple: Areola : Breast Diameter Ratio = 1:3:9

JW’s Beautiful breasts creating methods:

Breast implants VS Fat injection (Harvest Jet 2) 


Combination breast augmentation

  • Most likely there are 2 types of operation methods for breast augmentation, which it is Breast implants augmentation and fat injection to your breast (Harvest Jet 2), but “JW Plastic Surgery Clinic” made “Combination Breast Augmentation” which it only collected strengths from Breast implant augmentation and fat injection.
  • Combination breast augmentation is insert breast implants, and then we inject the harvested fat at the same time to fulfill the satisfaction of feeling and sizes.
  • If the patient decides to have breast augmentation by using of breast implants, we use HD endoscope to make spaces in breasts to insert breast implants.
  • “JW Plastic Surgery Clinic” uses “Harvest Jet 2” machine for harvesting fat tissue which it will be injected to patient’s breast to raise the rate of persistency and survival rates of fat tissues. Also PRP or Stem cell could be added.
Advantage of JW’s Breast Augmentation
1)      Asepsis -> Prevent contracture in advance ( Keller Funnel / 3M Ioban)

“The reason why JW’s Keller Funnel 2 is a must!”

1. It is aseptic disposable product without any possibility of contamination.
2. Reduces tissue damage and bleeding through soft and easy insertion.
3. Minimal pain and low possibility of side effects.
4. The implant does not rotate during the insertion.
5. It is possible to insert any areas such as armpit, areola or under the breast incision, and shortens surgical time.

 Using of Full HD Endoscope for Breast Augmentation -> 

Exquisite dissection / Minimized bleeding / Minimized pain / Minimized Scar / Rapid Recovery

JW Plastic Surgery Clinic has performed endoscopic breast augmentation since it first came out. Furthermore, we have played a pioneering role in dissemination of the endoscopic method through numerous academic activities in Korea.

Safe Anesthesia: Possession of Dantrolen

Types of Implants:

Smooth implants / Micro textured implants / Textured implants

Smooth Type:

This breast implant is most commonly used and the surface is soft and smooth. It is suitable for people with thin skin and less breast tissue. The breast implant is able to move around the breast freely after the surgery and does not stick with surrounding tissue so that the shape is natural. To prevent hardening after breast enlargement surgery, massaging the breast implant is recommended for more satisfying results.

Textured Teardrop Type:

The tear drop shaped breast implant has properties similar to the textured type, and allows the breasts and nipples to be slightly raised to accentuate the breast shape and line. Teardrop shaped breast implants may change the shape of the breasts after a “boob job” before it settles so only texture is used.

Bellagel have acquired approval from Europe’s CE and Korea’s MFDS with a product that comes in three different shapes (Round, Anatomical, Conical) and 2 different textures (Smooth, Textured)

GelCohesive Gel95% of the gel used in Bellagelis a cohesive gel registered under the US FDA.Cohesive gel has a high level of cohesion and does not slide down

Director of JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea’s Dr. Chul Hwan, Seul had participated in developing of size standards and designs of implants based on his much experiences in Breast augmentation.

The most Breast Augmentation by using Bellagel implants.

Invited to many seminars regarding to Breast Augmentation by using of Bellagel implants

Before and After pictures by using BellaGel implants.

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