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Anti-Aging: How to improve Eye bags?

First of all, you've got to know it is not just for 40's, 50's or 60's. It also can happen in your 20's or 30's due to bad habits that you have.

Incision Lower blepharoplasty offers you with a bright eye shape and baby-face at one time

Through aging, the skin of eyelids becomes thin and the muscles around the eyes are loosened. Less elastic skin under the eyes starts to become saggy and creates creases.
The layer, covering the fat pad inside the skin under the eyes, starts to lose its supporting capacity and the fat leaks from the layer.
This bulging fat builds dark circles around the eyes regardless of a patient’s age. The combination of saggy skin under the eyes and the dark circles cause a person to look older than his/her own age and make the person appear to be worried.
JW’s REWIND Incision Lower blepharoplasty is a mixed lower blepharoplasty that accompanies transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty and cheek lift.

What is different in between Other Plastic Surgery clinics in Korea and JW's Lower Blepharoplasty?
Many of patients think that removing eye bags are very simple and easy, because they only think it is done by 1st generation ~ 3rd generation, but it is not that simple. Due to aging or your own habits will give sagging skin, wrinkles, bulging eye bags which that just can not be fixed by saggy skin removal and fat removal. JW's 4th generation "Rewind Lower Blepharoplasty" will improve your overall eye bag problems with mid-face lifting as well at the same time.

Method of REWIND Incision Lower Blepharoplasty

STEP 01.  Make an incision below the eyes related to the surgery plan
STEP 02.  Peeling of skin tissue during the operation to minimalizing the soft tissue under the eyes, muscles, and damaging the nerves
STEP 03.  Have to minimize the fat removal and fat repositioning related to own personal face characteristics
STEP 04.  Distributed fats near the mid part has to be lift up to be positioned on the right spot.
STEP 05.  Lower eyelid line has to be curved following the original shape of an eye and position to side back of an eye.
STEP 06. Suture the incision area.(Beautiful and Younger look appearance eyes).

JW’s Specialty of REWIND Incision Lower Blepharoplasty
JW’s Rewind Incision lower blepharoplasty is different from conventional lower blepharoplasty. Under-eye wrinkles can be reduced by fat repositioning, front facial wrinkles can be reduced by saggy cheek lift, one’s original under-eye love bands can be recovered by pulling saggy muscles under eyelids. This surgery allows for excellent reduction of dark circles as well.

1. JW Plastic Surgery Surgeons incise the skin and tissues precisely and it minimize your bleeding. 

2. Removal of saggy and droopy under-eye wrinkles
3. Look younger by under-eye fat removal, Fat repositioning and droopy cheek lift.
4. Recreation of your previous love band
5. Tight fixation to prevent revision surgery. This is very important procedures for longer lasting.

As you can see from above pictures that Lower Blepharoplasty is not just for the older generations.

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