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Fat transfer for anti-aging in Korea

Are you looking for a simple and safe procedure to improve volume for a more youthful and healthy-looking face? If you are afraid of injecting foreign materials into your body, there is a suitable procedure for you!

1. Aging process 
Volume decrease, Skin sagging, fine wrinkles due to repetitive muscle use. On the other hand, young people may look old because of their flat and compressed face.

2. What is fat transfer? 
Fat transfer is a procedure to define your facial feature by improving the volume and giving you a younger look by injecting autologous fat from your thighs or belly. The difference between fat transfer and filler is whether you use your own fat or foreign materials.

3. Grafted parts 

4. FAQ about fat transfer

- How long does it take for the swelling to subside?
It takes about 2 weeks for most of the swelling to go away and on the 3rd week, your face will look much more normal. During the first 3 months, some of the transferred fat will be absorbed into your body and you will see the final result in the 4th month.

- Should I wear compression garments?
You are not required to wear compression garments because the fat graft surgery doesn’t remove all the excess fat, only the amount necessary for face fat graft.

- Will my face get bigger?
We only inject fat in the flat or sunken areas so it doesn’t make your face look bigger.

- When can I get the second fat graft if I want it?
Most likely you’ll be satisfied with the first fat graft, however, in case you want more volume, you can get the second fat graft after 6 months.

5. JW fat transfer

“Minimize complications and maximize survival rate of the fat with our 18- years of experience” 

1. Precisely inject, only small particles of fat (not a mass of fat) by using a microcannula -> it increases the survival rate of the fat, minimizes the pain and prevents calcification from happening.
2. By injecting fat into multiple layers of skin, it minimizes the bulging on the surface.
3. By grafting only new fat, not frozen fat, it maximizes the effect and survival rate of the fat.
4. The body contouring effect happens with the removal of unnecessary fat from your thighs or belly.
5. High-end equipment ( Smart prep 2, Smart X, Harvest jet 2 ) 

6. Extra procedure to increase the survival rate of fat. 

1) PRP

A fat transfer is a great option for restoring volume or augmentation. Fat is harvested from one site (abdomen, back, thighs, flanks, etc.) can be transferred to another site (breasts, buttocks, cheeks, hips, nasolabial folds, etc.) to increase the volume. However, usually, there is a problem with the survival of the transferred fat. At best, the survival rate of transferred fat is 50-60%. The surgeons’ techniques have a lot of influence on the fat viability. Nowadays, PRP is added to transferred fat to increase the survival rate of fat and it provides magnificent results.

PRP is prepared from a small amount of blood collected from the patient. The blood is centrifuged so that the plasma and platelets are separated from the rest of blood cells. Such PRP is then added to purified fat, which is harvested from the body. This mixture of fat cells and PRP is then transferred to the desired area.
One of the main advantages of PRP is that it is collected from the patient and there are no adverse effects. Fat grafting with PRP has a higher fat viability than a simple fat grafting. It also helps in reducing bruising and inflammation.

2) Stem Cell

STEP 1 We collect stem cells from a small amount of blood. It is mixed with the harvested fat and is injected into the desired area on the face. Stem cells secrete growth factors to the adjacent blood vessels. 

STEP 2 Micro vessels are created. 

STEP 3 New micro vessels are connected to the fat tissue. 

STEP 4 Oxygen, water, and nutrients are supplied through the micro vessels. 
In other words, stem cells increase the survival rate of the grafted fat and extend the period that the effects of the operation last. 

Stem cell fat transplantation is recommended for : 

01. Those who have discernible smile wrinkles and sunken cheeks. 
02. Those who have excessive glabellar folds and sunken eyelids which cause them to appear older than their actual age. 
03. Those whose forehead and temples are sunken so that their cheeks look distinctive. 
04. Those who are experiencing an overall lack of skin elasticity. 
05. Those who want to improve their skin tone. 

3) Botox paralyzes muscle that is moved repeatedly and decreases the fat survival rate. 

7. Am I the candidate for fat transfer?

1. Older aged People
With a fat graft, a facelift can be done together for a more drastic change.

2) Young People who have a flat face

3) People who want more volume on their body 

8. Cautions after fat transfer 

1. The surgical area shouldn’t be pressed or shocked for at least 2~3 weeks. 

2. You are recommended to refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking, going to a sauna and swimming for at least 1 month after the operation.

3. You may experience slight pain and bruising. The pain should be subtle enough to be managed with the painkillers we provide. The bruising will take around 2 weeks to subside.

4. Temporary numbness can occur during the recovery period.

5. Please maintain your body weight to help the survival rate of the grafted fat. If you lose weight, you could lose the fat that was grafted as well. 

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