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Tummy tuck reduction by abdominoplasty

Have you ever thought of having a slimmer body with a smaller waist? If you have concerns about your flabby and big abdomen, a direct plastic surgery can be the most effective and time-saving solution. 

Whenever you experience a build-up of excess fat around your abdomen, the volume of fat can be reduced by liposuction; however, this does not get rid of the saggy skin. If you have sagging and flabby belly fat or if you have excessive stretch marks or scarring from giving birth, the surgery below can guarantee an improvement to your body contour.

1. What is Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)?

Abdominoplasty is a tummy tuck reduction procedure to improve body contour and skin elasticity on the belly.
Additionally, severe stretch marks on the belly can be improved as well.
In case of men who have a lot of abdomen fat and loose skin, this surgery is also the most effective way to solve that. 

2. Who needs Abdominoplasty 
(Tummy tuck)

1. If you have excess abdominal fat and belly bulge due to a weakened abdominal wall after giving birth.
2. If you have severe stretch marks and loose abdomen skin.
3. If you have loose abdominal skin due to intensive weight loss or liposuction.
4. In the situation where we anticipate the skin will get loose after liposuction.
5. If there are any irregular surfaces on the belly due to poor liposuction techniques.
6. People who want a smaller waist.
7. People who want to get rid of a vertical C-section scar.

3. How does the surgery go?

  • Surgery Duration  : 2~4 hours 
  • Anesthesia  : Sedation or general anesthesia 
  • Hospitalization  :  1~2 days 
  • Removal of stitches  :  7 days after the operation 
  • Number of postoperative visits  :  Around 3 times 
  • Recovery Period  :  Return to daily activity within 1-3 day after the operation 
4. Procedure

Type 1: Endoscopic mini abdominoplasty 
(Tummy tuck) for people who have minimal sagginess. 

Type 2: Full abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck) for people who want to reduce the overall fat and the severely sagging skin around their abdomen. 

Type 3: Medium abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck) for People who have a medium level of skin sagging on their abdomen. 

Type 4: Pick-up Abdominoplasty 
(Tummy tuck)for people whose upper belly is sagging. 

5. Special features of JW abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)

1. A surgeon with 20-year experiences on abdominoplasty will perform your surgery.
2. High-end equipment is used such as an Endoscopy and Ultrasound imaging device
3. A safe anesthesia system
4. Not only do we do the excision of skin but we also do liposuction, for a synergy effect.
5. Precise sutures in multiple layers from the muscle and subcutaneous tissue to the dermis while controlling the tension of the superficial skin to minimize the scaring.
6. The surgeon who did your surgery will check-up on you at each of the treatment days.
7. Post-operative care (Pain-free treatment, scar management, and special prescriptions)

6. Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck reduction) before and After pictures:

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