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Forehead Lift in Korea

Forehead and Eyebrow Lifting for Naturally Tight Forehead !

We lift deep wrinkles on forehead and sagging upper eyelids at the same time for brighter and younger look.

1. Who needs Forehead Lift?
Case 1. I came for eye surgery but a doctor recommended Forehead Lift!
Case 2. I came to remove excessive fat and skin on puffy upper eyelids but a doctor recommended forehead lift!
Case 3. My eyes look gloomy and tired but JW doctor recommended forehead lift!
Case 4. I look fierce because of wrinkles on middle of eyebrows. A doctor recommended forehead lift!
Case 5. I got developed wrinkled skin on my nasal bridge but a doctor recommended forehead lift!

2. What is this forehead lift that does so many jobs on upper part of a face?
Simply, Forehead lift is a procedure to lift the forehead up by plastic fixer called Endotine.
STEP 1. A total of five small incisions are made in the areas of 1 cm behind of head hairline.
STEP 2. Looking through the endoscope, JW’s doctor detaches the skin and removes frontalis muscle that causes forehead wrinkles and muscles of glabellar frown lines.
STEP 3. The detached skin is lifted to remove the creases and the lifted eyebrows are fixed in an ideal position. 

3. The effect of forehead lift 
1. Eyes will look bigger. Sagged double eyelids will become clear.
2. Narrow space between eyebrows and eyes will become wider.
3. Narrow forehead will become wider.
4. Forehead wrinkles will get improved and flat forehead will get more volume.
5. Wrinkles on a nasal bridge will get improved.
6. Asymmetry of eyebrows will get improved.

4. Details of the operation

Surgery Duration : 1-2 hours
Anesthesia : Sedation
Hospitalization : Not required
Removal of stitches : After 3~7 days of the operation
Number of postoperative visits: 2~3 times
Recovery period : 1~2 weeks

5. Are you worried about hair loss? 
Don’t worry, we don’t stitch back incised skin with threads but use a special device to close incised skin to prevent hair loss!

6. Special features of JW Endoscopy forehead lift

Short operation time
Because of a lot of clinical experiments, the operation time is only 1 hour.
2. Minimal incision
Our operation is performed through a tiny incision of 1cm length between hairs so that no scars are left.
3. The Safest surgery with endoscopy
We use Full-HD endoscope devices. Safer operations can be conducted without harming fine nerves or blood vessels.
4. Absorbable fixer for lifted forehead
Instead of using titanium screws or nylon stitch threads that are conventional fixation methods with high chances of side effects, we use biocomposite Endotine that is absorbed within 12 months. 

5. Get rid of main reasons of wrinkles precisely
We remove the muscles of glabellar frown lines that also cause forehead wrinkles, by using an endoscope so that recurrence of forehead wrinkles are minimized and the effects last longer.
6. Fast recovery
The recovery time is shorter than eye surgery!
You can put make-up on your face right after the operation.
7. Post-operative checkup with your doctor
The doctor who performed your surgery will check your condition on each checkup appointment.
8.Safe anesthesia system by full-time certified anesthesiologist.

7. I'm still young! Why do i need forehead lift ?
The Forehead lift surgery is not only for people in old age but in young age. 
Sleepy eyes, short distance between eyebrow and eyes and flat forehead are also the common concerns that many people in young age have.

Before Forehead Lift, She had the same concerns.

The swelling is very minimal even on the first day of the operation.

Don't worry, you will look totally normal like her on 7th day of the operation.

 This is 3 months after the operation. Her eyes look much brighter !

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