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Nose surgery with rib cartilage in Korea

Many people, who are considering plastic surgery, are reluctant because they worry about foreign materials being put in their bodies. What options are there for them? For people who want a nose job, their own septal cartilage and ear cartilage can be used to help them get the nose they want. These two cartilages are the most commonly used materials for the augmentation of the nose. What if these are not enough for the augmentation? How about rib cartilage in our chest?

1. What is rhinoplasty with rib cartilage?

Rib cartilage is bigger than septal cartilage or ear cartilage. It is able to provide enough material to modify your nose any way you would like, whether it is lengthening your nose or increasing the height you’ll notice a drastic change.

Sometimes the body will reject foreign materials, however, this doesn’t occur in the case of using rib cartilage. As well, the absorption rate of rib cartilage is much lower than other cartilages so it is able to maintain the shape of the nose for a much longer time.

2. Suitable patients for rhinoplasty with rib cartilage

1. Those who want to heighten their nose bridge but are worried about the insertion of foreign materials such as silicone implants.
2. Those who had an allergic reaction to silicone implants previously.
3. Those who don’t have enough septal cartilage or ear cartilage.
4. Those who have a contracture from a previous surgery.
5. Those who need reconstructive surgery due to a bridge collapse because of trauma

3. Details of the surgery

Surgery duration: 4 hours
Anesthesia: General anesthesia
Hospitalization: 1 day
Removal of stitches: 7 days after surgery
Number of post-operative visits: 2-3 times
Recovery period: Return to normal life after 7 days

4. Where to remove rib cartilage? 

JW mostly uses cartilages on 6 or 7th rib.

5. How to insert rib cartilage ?

Case 1: To lengthen a short nose and/or contracted nose 
Case 2: To shorten and support a hanging nose by creating a strut with rib cartilage 
6. Special features of JW for rhinoplasty with rib cartilage

1. The harvesting of the rib cartilage by making a minimum incision of 2-3cm
2. The carving out of the rib cartilage in a customized shape based on the expectations of the nasal shape after the cartilage has settled.
3. The Insertion of the rib cartilage in the right position with the consideration of functional correctness.

7. Have a better choice of surgeons!

Rib cartilage is harder than other cartilage is considered a relatively challenging surgery, especially for surgeons with minimal experience. So it’s very important to choose a surgeon who has a lot of experience in this field. For this surgery, you will need to have a general anesthetic so for your safety, you should choose a hospital who has a full-time board certified anesthesiologist.

8. Certified hospital & Certified doctors

- News 



Faculty representative of ISAPS in Asia(International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)
JW clinic has only certified surgeons in each field.

9. Safety of hospital 

No accidents for 18 years: JW surgeons only perform 3 surgeries a day maximum, so they are able to concentrate on each patient for the best results. 
We have an emergency backup system, which can immediately handle any sort of emergency situation that should arise. 
We have a full-time board certified anesthesiologist that consistently checks your condition during surgery with a monitoring system. 

1. No Shadow Doctors are allowed in “JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea”

2. In-house Anesthesiologist Specialist will take care of your anesthesia during the whole surgery.

3. Constant monitoring throughout the entire surgery. 

4. Possession of Dantrolen, just in case a patient has malignant hyperthermia 

 5. Sterilization of all equipment. This is a very important step to help avoid even a minor infection. 
Post-operative service

1. Medicine 
You don’t have to go to a pharmacy to buy medicine.
JW provides you with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicine, and painkillers just after the surgery. 

2. Smartlux LED deswelling treatments

It helps to reduce swelling and bruise and you can go back to your social life as soon as possible. You can get this treatment on each treatment day without any extra charge.

3. Toning laser for visible scars

Everyone has different skin types and some may have more visible scars than others, so we provide a laser treatment to minimize the scars after your follow up. 

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