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Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon from South Korea were invited as Panelist and Speaker from 16th International Congress of OSAPS in conjunction with ISAPS Symposium

There were "The 16th International Congress of OSAPS in conjunction with ISAPS Symposium, The 10th National Congress and 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting of InaPRAS held in 2018.7.18~21st Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Bali, Indonesia"

Current Active Member of ISAPS and Current all over Asian area's Educational Council "Dr. Man Koon, Suh" were invited as Panelist & Speaker.

He had speech about 5 subjects:

1. “Bulbous tip correction in Asians: aesthetic principle and pitfalls”
2. “Complication of hump nose correction and its correction” 
3. “Comparative analysis of two key techniques for the short nose correction: Septal extension graft and derotation graft”: Septal Extension Graft & Derotation Graft"
4. “Unpleasing tip-plasty in Asians: causes and correction”
5. “Implant vs autogeneous tissue for dorsal augmentation: case-oriented approach”

Dr. Renato Saltz
(Formal President of ISAPS)

Dr. Man Koon Suh's wife / Dr. Man Koon, Suh / 
Dr. Florencio Q. Lucero (Formal OSAPS Secretary General)

Today we are going to talk about "Complication of hump nose correction and its correction" which one of the subject that Korean Rhinoplasty Specialist Dr. Man Koon, Suh presented at 16th International Congress of OSAPS in conjunction with ISAPS Symposium.

Many of patients think that Humpectomy / Hump removal procedures are very easy and simple by removing or shaving humps which it is not really true. It needs to improve functionally and cosmetically.

What is Humpectomy?? (Hump removal)
1. Resection of hump
2. Osteotomy
3. Tip Plasty

Early postoperative complications:
1. Hemorrhage
2. Swelling
3. Bruise
4. Infection

Major late complications:
1. Open roof deformity
2. Dorsal irregularity
3. Inverted-V deformity
4. Polly beak deformity
5. Stair step deformity
6. Rocker deformity

If you get rhinoplasty by plastic surgeons who is not experienced enough to do humpectomy there can be cause of above complications. That is why you have to find right surgeons who have enough of experiences of rhinoplasty to perform precise operation with you.

*Humpectomy is not simple surgery by resection of humps, shaving humps, osteotomy, and etc., It needs very precise operation.

 Quick patients Q&A time:
Question : Does bone grow back after having humpectomy?? and Why?
Answer : It is very rare case that your bone grows back after having humpectomy.
Bump on your nose is made out of bone & cartilage and that is why surgeons have to perform correctly and precisely. Also cleanse is after operation not to leave any of small particles of bone that we have removed.

Another reason why it looks like you are having bump again is "SCAR TISSUE". If you can please have check-up with your surgeon every few months or year that you do not have any scar tissue gathering, if you do you can improve it by injection or prescribed oral medication to dissolve scar tissue on your nose.

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