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Otoplasty (Ear Surgery): Ear actually changes your life !

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Otoplasty: Ear actually changes your life ! 

1. What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a procedure for correcting an abnormal shape of the ear due to innate or acquired reasons. Generally, this surgery is performed to give an improvement on aesthetic and hygienic views.

Gares bale's before and after of otoplasty 

Nowadays, people are looking for this surgery for these reasons:

  • To have a better first impression for job hunting
  • Prominent ear gives an indecisive impression
  • To positively affect their overall facial features (physiognomy)

In Asian culture, the ear has been taking a pivotal role of one's fortune because it impacts their physiognomy ( facial features).

For more information:

2. Ideal Shape of the Ear

-The most appropriate aspect ratio is 4:7
-The top of the ear is better to be located between the upper eyelids and the tip of the nose
-Having more left-right symmetry gives your ears a more ideal look
-Your facial features are more proportioned when the ears are slightly laid back at about 8~10 degrees.
-The antihelix and the earflap should be visible.

3. How to Correct Prominent Ear (Dumbo Ears)

There are many types of ear.

Among them, prominent ears which are also known as a dumbo ears are the most common shape of the ear.

At the front, they appear wide and flare out. This has no issue on functional aspect of the ear, but aesthetically it gives unintelligent and indecisive look. 

How to correct 'dumbo ear'
Set back otoplasty :
-First, to minimize scarring, we make an incision at the deepest crease behind of the earflap.
-Then, we remove the excess cartilage and form the appropriate Y shape of the anthelics.

4. Otoplasty Before and After Pictures 

Many celebrities around the world have had otoplasty (dumbo ear correction).

Korean famous actress "Ara Goh"
the source :

*surgery done at JW

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