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We are located in Apgujung Station(line 3, orange line),
exit #3. Address : 3F Shamshin building, 598-6, Shinsadong, Gangnamgu, Seoul
(Tel. 82.10.7195.5114 / 82.10.6389.5114/82.10.5768.5114)

대중교통 이용시
Apgujung Area
2411, 4412, 4318, 4419, 4422
143, 147, 148, 240, 301, 342, 362, 472
9407, 6800
9407, 6800
Line 3 (Orange Line), Apgujung station, Exit #3. Go straight 150m
시외에서 내원 시
Intercity bus : Gangnam Express Bus Terminal / Nambu Bus Terminal
30 minutes by Taxi
Take a Subway (Both stations are Orange Line) to DaeWha and get off Apgujung Station
From Seoul Station
40 minutes – 1 hour by Taxi Take Subway from Seoul Station (Line No.4) and transfer to subway Line No. 3 at Chungmuro Station, and get off Apgujung Station
200m from Eulji Hospital intersection to Apgujung Shamshin Diamond Building 3 Floor
비행기로/ 해외에서
Take a Bus No. 6006 at 5A, 11B, passenger terminal 1st Floor and get off Apgujung Station

Take a Taxi from Gate 11A Gerenal Taxi : 80,000 won(Korean Currency) / Deluxe Taxi : 150,000 won(Korean Currency) It depends on Road conditions.
Take an airport limousine and get off at Express Bus Terminal Station (HoNam Line), and transfer Bus 361,362 or 4318

Take Line No.5 at Gimpo International Airport Station and transfer to subway Line No. 3 at Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station, and get off Apgujung Station (Subway is more faster and convenient than Bus.) 

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Many people, who are considering plastic surgery, are reluctant because they worry about foreign materials being put in their bodies. What options are there for them? For people who want a nose job, their own septal cartilage and ear cartilage can be used to help them get the nose they want. These two cartilages are the most commonly used materials for the augmentation of the nose. What if these are not enough for the augmentation? How about rib cartilage in our chest?

1. What is rhinoplasty with rib cartilage?

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I finally got to post my post operation blogs through here since it has been fully recovered and looks great!!

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Little bit swollen from fat grafting but it is not worse than I was think of

I guess I'm not the person who gets swollen a lot !!!

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