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Singaporean Blogger Cyndi Soh or Cyndi Xinyi

JW Plastic Surgery Part 1 – Pre Surgery

I’ve got this idea for the longest time and I finally decided to go ahead with it this 2015!
I have been doing a lot a lot of research prior to the trip to Korea. I think if anyone wants to do this, do spend more time researching on reliable clinics, doctors and what to expect and what you should prepare. It was helpful that many local bloggers shared their plastic surgery experiences and so I’ll be sharing mine too! I specifically looked for asian blogs (especially Singaporean bloggers) to read, because it would be more helpful since we share similar features. :)
Why Did I Want Rhinoplasty?
I think it is partially my mum’s fault since she love laughing at my nose since I had my first memory, like 4 or 5 years old! Hahahahahaha! I got my mum’s nose. Wide, flat and nostrils are kind of exposed. She used to laugh at me and I was so vain at 5 years of age that I used a clothes peg to peg my nose hoping that the bridge will be higher. HAHAHA silly things I do when I was young. And for the longest time since I turned into an adult, I’ve been harbouring the thought of having a nose job. My close friends and family would know that. So when people around me asked me, “Why so sudden?” I really had to convince them that it’s not. It would be too rash of me to suddenly decide on something major like that. The decisions made after much careful consideration.
I tried nose fillers to “up” the bridge last March. The effects were really good but I’ll have to go back to touch up every year and they weren’t permanent.
These photos were taken before my fillers.

Wide nose, bulbous nose tip (I already did contouring here >_<”’)

There were so many people telling me I do not need a rhinoplasty, or that I should stay a natural. But I really wanted it for very long and sees it as an enhancement. As long as I know what I want, why not? My parents and my sister are very supportive and when I told them about it, they just said go ahead, just look for a good doctor. They know me! And our family is really pretty much the Addams Family. Not much rules or boundaries and we are very open about things. As my dad taught me when I was little: Do what you want as long as you don’t harm others; do what you want, but remember the consequences should there be any. So they didn’t try to stop me at all. My parents even said that plastic surgery is so common nowadays, and just ask me to be safe. Hahahaha.. I love my family!
(Digress:I got a nice new tattoo at the side of my body last September and when I got home, I happily lifted up my top and proudly showed it to my parents, they were so uninterested they just went “en en” and went on to tell me about the nice Kdrama they were watching… :( That’s my cute family. )
My hubby? He is very supportive too! He said that I’ve been saying it for so long so he is not going to stop me. He was so sweet that he took leave to be with me in Korea so that he could take care of me although I kept telling him I’ll be ok by myself. So nice right! Big thank you to Jon Jon for everything and taking such good care of me there!
And to those who are making a lot noise after knowing that I did a nose job, shhh……. You can keep your al-natural opinions to yourselves okie? ;p
You know I’m happy right now right! :)
I am not encouraging it but as long as you make an informed choice, and as long as you know what you want clearly.
Where Am I Going For My Rhinoplasty?
After lots of research, I finally settled on JW Plastic Surgery and they have offered to sponsor my surgery. Although it is a sponsored surgery, rest assured that all my views will be fair and unbiased! :)
JW Plastic Surgery
Address: 3F Shamshin building, 598-6, Shinsadong, Gangnamgu, Seoul
(Apgujung Station(line 3, orange line), exit #3)
English Hotline: +82-10 5768 5114/ 10 7195 5114
Chinese Hotline: +82-10 2213 5114/ 10 2810 5114
Kakao Talk ID: jwps / jwbeauty777
JW Plastic Surgery is one of the top clinics in Korea and I knew that I am going to be in safe hands. I looked through the before and after photos of many clinics and I love the results from JW Plastic Surgery best!
specifically asked for Dr Suh Man Koon to do my surgery :)
More about Dr Suh can be found here:
I even saved photos of the type of nose that I wanted to show Dr Suh.

Omg Angelababy… She is too gorgeous.
What To Prepare?
After messaging my plastic friends (Hahahaha I’ve since joined the plastic gang and I’m calling us plastic babies wahahahaha… They are going to kill me…) and getting advice from them, these are my pre-surgery preps!
1) Drink lots of pineapple juice
It is said that pineapple juice will help to reduce swelling after the surgery. I can’t prepare fresh pineapple juice all the time so I got the packet 100% pineapple juice from the supermarket and started drinking a week before departure. I’m not sure if it helps but fruit juice are good for health anyway I guess! I bought the “Just Juice” brand if you are interested.
2) Wet Wipes
You can’t wash your face because of the bandages and stitches after the surgery. So wet wipes can help to keep your face nice and clean before your face wash after the stitches are removed! I bought Dettol Wet Wipes because the brand Dettol spells “antibacterial” already. Hahahaha…
3) Cotton Buds
To clean your wound and apply medication if necessary. I actually forgotten to bring this and Jon Jon had to go to the convenient store to get for me. Heh!
4) Positivity
Nothing much to bring already, just bring your positivity along with you!
That’s all for part 1 of my post! I’ll be splitting the entire rhinoplasty journey into parts. Next up will be my consultation post, followed by the actual surgery and recovery post, and later on updates on how my nose look as time goes by and it settles into its final shape.
Posted by Cyndi Soh

JW Plastic Surgery Part 2 – Consultation and Surgery Day

We arrived at Incheon International Airport on a late Sunday night. The sweet consultants from JW Plastic Surgery, Jay and Jenny, came to pick us up from the airport. I felt so bad that they had to work on a Sunday night to send us to our hotel. Big thank you! Really appreciate the sweet gesture!

The next morning, I took a subway to Apgujung Station and went to JW Plastic Surgery excitedly for consultation.

Waiting at the reception area… Nice and cosy area.
There are many books with before and after photos of JW’s models. I was happily browsing throughout them and scrutinising their noses hahaha…

We are both in pink!
Meet Jay! Not to worry if you cannot speak Korean, there are translators there who can help you.

Pardon my no makeup photos heheheh.
I was brought to take some photos at the clinic to show Dr Suh.

The photos were shown to Dr Suh and after communicating with him and telling him the type of nose that I want and the type of look that I prefer, he recommended doing adjustments on 4 parts of my nose.
1) Implant on the nose bridge to create a higher nose bridge
2) Reduce the width of the alars
3) Reduce my bulbous tip to a smaller one that points downwards
4) Push down my alar rims so that nostrils will not be exposed
I wasn’t even aware of my raised alar rims until Dr Suh pointed it out! And Dr Suh also mentioned that he will only make small adjustments to each part, but when the whole thing comes together, the overall harmony will be there. He also told me that he will only reduce a little bit of my alar width because my face will appear big if he reduce it too much. I am trust Dr Suh’s professional opinion!
After looking at the photos, Dr Suh also recommended that I do fat grafting on my forehead to achieve a fuller forehead that will improve the side profile and improve the overall facial harmony. I agree with Dr Suh that that will make me look better, but yet I was too cowardly to do another procedure. I think I’ll leave that to another time hahaha… So we decided on just doing the nose only.
My surgery date was fixed on the 15th January, 3 days later. I had a few days to play before that…great!

Jay took us to go for a Korean lunch the next day. Thanks for the hospitality!

Yummy! We were asking Jay how to eat it (the mains weren’t rice but barley) and Jay was so funny… he didn’t know how too! We found out that he left Korean for US when he was young and he only came back after college so he’s a very westernised Korean. So apparently it’s 3 foreigners having a Korean meal instead of 2, hahahaha…

Coffee after lunch!

A photo at JW’s main entrance before we say bye bye! And we’ll meet again 2 days later on my surgery day… Excited!

The big day arrived finally. Woke up early to make my way to JW.

My dear went with me and stayed with me throughout (ok he went for lunch while I was having surgery hahaha)… Thanks dear!

Changed and getting ready for surgery. Happily chatting with Jay and Jenny.
Apparently I was really nervous when I was in Singapore. But hours and minutes before surgery, I was a chill pill. I wasn’t nervous at all and was actually looking forward to it. Surprised!

Last look at my old nose!

I went into the surgery room and Jay and Jenny were with me to translate the nurses instructions. I last heard Dr Suh telling me that he’s drawing some designs on my nose and then I lost consciousness. The next time I woke up the whole surgery was completed and Jenny was helping me walk to my room to rest.

I was feeling perfectly ok. No dizziness nothing.

I rested for like 10 mins and was impatient and wanted to go back to rest and eat since I was feeling well and good (But hungry! LOL)
You can see the stitches and the nose packing inside my nose. Looks scary but there was no pain at all.
Jenny passed me the medications to take and gave me instructions on what to do and what not to do and I left after that.
There wasn’t any pain at all. The only discomfort was that I wasn’t able to breathe through my nose and had to breathe through my mouth for 2 days before the nose packings were removed. I thought I would feel the pain after the anaesthesia goes off, but I was surprised. Throughout the recovery process there was no pain at all, the only discomfort was the blocked nose and runny nose for a while. I’ll share more about the recovery process in my next post!

And if you haven’t, you can read the part 1 of plastic surgery post here: JW Plastic Surgery Part 1 – Pre Surgery

JW Plastic Surgery
Address: 3F Shamshin building, 598-6, Shinsadong, Gangnamgu, Seoul
(Apgujung Station(line 3, orange line), exit #3)
English Hotline: +82-10 5768 5114/ 10 7195 5114
Chinese Hotline: +82-10 2213 5114/ 10 2810 5114
Kakao Talk ID: jwps / jwbeauty777

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