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Best Breast Implant Augmentation Revision - JW Plastic Surgery Korea

JW Plastic Surgery Korea (You can check more Before and After plastic surgery pictures and details from our facebook)
What is "revisional breast surgery (Secondary breast augmentation)"?
This is carried out when patients have dissatisfaction with the result after their breast augmentation ( as known as boob job), breast reduction surgery, breast reconstruction, or if they happen to have complications, or if one's aesthetically view has changed.

Breast revision is required when: the breast starts to feel hard and the shape becomes more ball-likeimplant malposition : implant has been located in the wrong positionimplant ruptureunauthenticated implant was used or foreign material was injectedunsatisfied feeling by touch: obviously palpable implant or if it has any rippling ( wrinkles of the surface of the implant is visible through the skin)dissatisfaction in size or shapeinfection after breast augmentationobvious left-right asymmetrysevere scarring and unnatural shape after …

Do your homework for your breast surgery in Korea

There must be a lot of articles and documents to read about breast augmentation.
But, if you are the one considering breast surgery but are hesitating to actually book a surgery, then this blog will help you to make the right decision by clarifying what kind of factors you should consider.

lWhat is the best breast augmentation surgery?
Breast augmentation surgery is to improve breast fullness and asymmetry or volume loss and increase the projection, size, and shape of the breast. The best surgery will be the one that considers individual’s condition of breast and body. There are various methods of breast augmentation that are customized based on the patient’s breasts. The choice of method depends on a lot of factors: current shape and size of breasts, desired appearance, the surgeon’s experience, the presence of excess fat, and etc.

1.Types of breast augmentation surgery
Implant:Silicone implants are filled with a special, medical-grade gel that is intended to create a more natural feel an…

Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon Dr. Chul Hwan, Seul got awarded by BellaGel

Most women are longing for beautiful breasts.
JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea surgeons perform breast augmentation with most suitable for body type considering the different physical characteristics of each individually.

Golden Ratio For Beautiful Breast
The most ideal breast is when the length of A,B,C is equilateral triangle (18cm ~ 22cm) Nipple: Areola : Breast Diameter Ratio = 1:3:9
JW’s Beautiful breasts creating methods:Breast implants VS Fat injection (Harvest Jet 2) VS Combination breast augmentation Most likely there are 2 types of operation methods for breast augmentation, which it is Breast implants augmentation and fat injection to your breast (Harvest Jet 2), but “JW Plastic Surgery Clinic” made “Combination Breast Augmentation” which it only collected strengths from Breast implant augmentation and fat injection.Combination breast augmentation is insert breast implants, and then we inject the harvested fat at the same time to fulfill the satisfaction of feeling and sizes.If the…

Denmark seek expert's advice about plastic surgery from Dr. Chul Hwan Seul in JW

Journalist from Denmark came to Seoul, South Korea to seek expert advice about Plastic Surgery to Dr. Chul Hwan Seul from Best plastic surgery clinic in Korea "JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea"

Dr. Chul Hwan, Seul is one of the best breast surgery specialist and body contour (liposuction) specialist in Korea.

Breast Surgery Specialist

Dr. Chul Hwan Seul
Biography Introduction

Plastic surgery specialist
Graduated Yonsei University College of Medicine
Completed graduate program at Yonsei University College of Medicine
Completed training in plastic surgery at Yonsei Severance Hospital
Clinical professor at Gangnam Severance Hospital
Received PhD from Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery,
Social activities

A life member and Academician, The Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
A member, Japan Society for aesthetic plastic surgery
A member, Oriental Socieity of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(OSAPS),
A member, Korean Society for aesthetic plastic surgery


Dr. Chul Hwan Seul (Breast surgery specialist) were invited to "World Symposium on Ergonomic Implants" held by Motiva

There were "World Symposium on Ergonomic Implants 2017 " held in Gardone, Lago Di Garda, Italy by Motiva Implants on September 14 ~ 16th, 2017

Dr. Chul Hwan, Seul (one of the key doctor for Motiva) were invited to the "World Symposium on Ergonomic Implants" as speaker.
This symposium held every year by "MOTIVA Implants". It is the venue where the most famous breast cosmetic surgeons in the world are invited to present and discuss about their experiences about the breast augmentation, revision breast surgery, breast reconstruction, and etc.,

Dr. Chul Hwan, Seul from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea had lecture about "Revision Breast augmentation by using of Motiva implants" also Dr. Chul Hwan, Seul attended this symposium as faculty. Only qualified surgeons with techinques and experiences could be chosen to be a faculty for this symposium.

What's app or kakaotalk id: jwbeauty777 / jwps /jwbeautykr Line ID : jwpskr Email …

Why do People want Augmentation with Motiva Implants, and What is Motiva Implants?

One of the main questions beside the size of breast implants is the type of implants. It is also a very important factor. The wrong type of implants will provide you with suboptimal results.

Most plastic surgeons will provide their patients with all the needed information so that they can choose the type of implant they want.
When it comes to breast implant manufacturer, we recommend our patients to use MOTIVA breast implants. There are a lot of reasons to choose MOTIVA implants.

Reasons to choose MOTIVA implants

1. The surface aspects of implants can make a big difference. MOTIVA combines the advantages of both smooth and textured surfaced implants. Smooth surfaced implants have a high possibility of mobility inside the breast, which may cause malpositining of the implants. On the other hand, textured implants remain fixed and don't move naturally enough inside the breasts, though stability of the implants is assured. MOTIVA textured implants have a highly improved texture which al…

Experience ; Plastic Surgery in Korea | Revision Rhinoplasty & Breast Augmentation

This is Sophie (PeachMilky) who had plastic surgery with "JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea"
She had Breast Augmentation by using of "Motiva Implant" (she wanted to have natural results instead of using big implants). Revision rhinoplasty to fix or improve her nose from the previous operation by other clinic.

Today I am taking you guys through my personal journey of having plastic surgery in Korea, I will be keeping you guys updated with everything so please let me know if you have any questions at all!
JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea’s website address:
JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea's email address:

♥♥ My Surgery ♥♥
Revision Rhinoplasty & Breast Augmentation.

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Dr. Chul Hwan Seul and Dr. Marcos from Dolan Park Hospital had “Live Surgery” in JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea

Dr. Chul Hwan Seul and Dr. Marcos fromDolan Park Hospital had “Live Surgery” from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea
On 22nd of Feb 2017 there were live Breast Augmentation by using of Motiva Breast Implants + Harvest Jet2 (fat grafting on the breast) (Combination Breast Augmentation) from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea by director of JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea Dr. ChulHwan Seul and Dr. Marcos Sporza from Dolan Park Hospital (One of main doctor of“Motiva Implants”.
There were total of 8 best Korean breast surgery surgeons attended to this “Live Surgery” session.
Dr. Marcos Sporza and Dr. Chul Hwan Seul have performed Combination Breast Augmentation which one of the most interested breast augmentation techniques recently.
Dr. Chul Hwan Seul’s combination breastaugmentation (Breast Implants + Harvest Jet2 (fat grafting on the breast)) is most innovative breast augmentation method it gives best outer look results with soft touch feeling of breast. For this live surgery operation procedure…