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Singaporean Model "Melody Low" who had Plastic Surgery from JW Plastic Surgery Center

This is Melod Low from Singapore who had Full Face Fat Grafting by Dr. Chul hwan Seul and Lateral Canthoplasty by Dr. Kim from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea last year.

I finally got to post my post operation blogs through here since it has been fully recovered and looks great!!

The main reason why I have done Full face fat grafting was because I wanted to have some volumes on my face to have more pretty and look younger!!!

Post-op day 3

Little bit swollen from fat grafting but it is not worse than I was think of

I guess I'm not the person who gets swollen a lot !!!

But you still can see some swollowness on my face right?? hahaha but it is okay because I'm gonna be look a lot better soon!! just waiting for that moment right now.

Above 3 pictures are post-op 2 months after my Full face fat grafting and Lateral Canthoplasty As you can see from the picture I look much natural and younger now! Whithin 2 weeks ~ 1month there were some absorbtion of fat that I have injected now it turned in…

A real review after eye surgery in Korea

Hello, I’m Ngo Bich Ngoc.

I’m from Vietnam but I've been living in Korea for the past 10 years.

As you can see in my pictures below, I decided to get eye surgery. My upper eyelids were sagging downwards which drastically affected the round shape of my eyes. My left eye had multiple creases because of a scar that I got when I was younger. To improve these areas, I decided to have eyelid surgery with a scar removal surgery.

I had many consultations at a lot of different clinics, however, I decided to choose JW Plastic Surgery. After a lot of consideration and listening to all the recommendations from people around me and reading all the internet info & reviews that I could find about JW, I decided it is the most suitable hospital for my surgery. It was especially impressive how almost all their patients there have a high level of satisfaction after surgery!

( You can see how obvious my scar is on my upper left eyelid and how my eyelids sag on both sides.)

At the consultation before t…

Anti-Aging: How to improve Eye bags?

First of all, you've got to know it is not just for 40's, 50's or 60's. It also can happen in your 20's or 30's due to bad habits that you have.

Incision Lower blepharoplasty offers you with a bright eye shape and baby-face at one time
Through aging, the skin of eyelids becomes thin and the muscles around the eyes are loosened. Less elastic skin under the eyes starts to become saggy and creates creases.
The layer, covering the fat pad inside the skin under the eyes, starts to lose its supporting capacity and the fat leaks from the layer.
This bulging fat builds dark circles around the eyes regardless of a patient’s age. The combination of saggy skin under the eyes and the dark circles cause a person to look older than his/her own age and make the person appear to be worried. JW’s REWIND Incision Lower blepharoplasty is a mixed lower blepharoplasty that accompanies transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty and cheek lift.

What is different in between Other Plastic Surger…

Revision Double Eyelids Surgery (re operation)

Why the most popular plastic surgery procedure is “Double Eyelids Surgery” aka “DES”

The most common procedure in Korea is blepharoplasty,or double eyelid surgery. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it's the most popular plastic surgery operation in the world, with 1.43 million people getting it done in 2014. It's so prevalent that a former Korean president had the operation while he was in office. Blepharoplasty is also controversial. Critics say that the operation makes patients look "less Asian," while proponents say that it's simply a matter of beauty — bigger eyes equals more attractiveness, essentially.
"Most Koreans don't have a double eyelid line, so in that case, sometimes they look sleepy and tired, the director of JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea sees 11,000 patients a year.

Types of Double Eyelids Surgery and which procedures suits me the most

01. Non-incision method (Buried Suture)

Double eyelid surgery methods …

Sub-brow lift- How to improve sagging skin above the eyelids.

What is Brow Lifting or Sub-brow lifting?

Sub-brow lifting rejuvenates sagging eyelids to make the eyes appear younger. This method is especially useful for older patients who have their brows at normal positions but have lost elasticity in their eyelid muscles, or patients with thick upper eyelid skin regardless of age. Droopy eyelids can irritate the outer edge of the eyelids and can cause inflammation around these areas. Moreover, as droopy eyelids can impair their sight, patients try to open their eyes wider. This habit creates wrinkles on their forehead.

Brow lifting or Sub-brow lifting is suitable for:

1. Those whose distance between eyebrows and eyelashes is long.

2. Those that have thick eyelid skin, particularly those who are middle-aged.

3. Those that have droopy upper eyelid skin.

4. Those that have asymmetrical eyebrows.

How we perform Sub-brow lifting?

Step 01- Incise the line right under the eyebrow

Step 02- Remove the sagging skin, then we lift the skin

Step 03- Firmly fix the …

Ptosis Correction with double eyelid surgery in Seoul, Korea

Have you ever seen someone with a sleepy-eye appearance?

Did you know there is a medical term for it? Yeap, Ptosis with a silent P it is. Ptosis is strictly a condition/symptom and NOT a disease marked by a drooping upper eyelid that at times can be severe enough to cover the pupil and affect vision. Ptosis is mostly a result of weak eyelid muscles or separation from the muscle tendon. Ptosis can be
·Congenital (Muscular dystrophies)
·Due to;
-Neurological disease (Diabetic neuropathy)
-Muscular disease
-Neuromuscular disease (Myasthenia gravis)
-Growths (Brain tumor, pituitary cancer)
While ptosis can be improved a bit with exercises, it can only be fixed for good with a ptosis correction surgery. Speaking of which, ‘ptosis correction’ double eyelid surgery is one of the most commonly practiced surgeries in Korea.
Do I Need Ptosis Correction Surgery?
Do your eyes need this surgery? Well, read on to learn whether you’re an ideal candidate for the surgery or not. While a sagging …